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Quantum Pyramid

SCIET Theory proposes that all objects in space are surrounded by quantum layers. These layers are only a Planck length in thickness, so it takes trillions of them to add up to an inch.  The thing about these quantum layers is that they’re each the result of their own relationship to the Earth, and they have been here since the planet formed billions of years ago. Everything that is on Earth, whether it moves or sits still, exists in this ocean of quantum layers. It is responsible for the evolution of the nervous systems of animals and plants systems too. Animals move around on the Earth, and plants have everything move around them while connected to the Earth.

The Quantum layers have strict rules about how they interact with other quantum layers. For instance, if two quantum layer surrounded objects move toward one another, the layers will overlap and if aligned properly, they will share information in a way that is very similar to how overlapping electric waves match to increase the power of a motor. The layers around the Earth rely on the axis for their alignment and any structure built on the surface is affected by this alignment. Few structures take this into account, but it is taught to Freemason Architects, who are careful to build according to its rules. These structures are connected to the Earth, and those that generate a strong reaction to the quantum layers of the Earth contribute their excess energy to the grid lines or meridians that run along the surface of the planet. People who are aware of this make an effort to use these buildings for rituals to affect the energy in these meridians. This is called Gridwork and both white and dark practitioners do this.

Pyramids are specific examples of structures that interact with the quantum layers and generate quantum energy. The key to understanding what is called Pyramid Power is that it generates a negentropic field when properly aligned. The great Pyramid at Giza is famous for its effects, but all pyramids have the same qualities. What is different about Giza is its mass, it is very large and this is critical to its purpose, its size is calculated to affect the entire planet with its negentropic field. More about this later.

The Giza Great Pyramid is multipurpose, it resonates with the Earth to generate an incredible negentropic field, and that field can be used for a variety of purposes, geo stabilization, agriculture, food preservation, energy production, and as a way to strengthen a body and its connection to spirit. The negentropic field not only affects its surrounding area, but it also extends throughout the planet and into space as well.

Form Resonance

The Giza Pyramid functions require us to examine why it was built, who built it, and the primary purpose that justified its construction. Its mass and shape are clearly pivotal to its reason for being here.

The size would have much to do with its ability achieve the goals of those who constructed it. At 470+ feet, the Pyramid is not just large, it is break-the-bank HUGE. Certainly, its size means that there was more than a Pharaoh’s ego behind its construction.

SCIET Theory offers insights about this. The quantum layers that surround Earth are aligned to the axis, and this means that any variance from the vertical north/south axis would create distortions in the quantum layers. This is important because the Pyramid uses the interaction between the Earth’s quantum layers and its own mass-related layers to generate a nested negentropic field.

Christopher Dunn built a great case for the Pyramid being a tunable resonator, but he did not talk about how it works with gravity or the fields of the planet.

The upper view shows the Pyramid from the top down. The descending edges are aligned with the equatorial circumference so that the incline creates a steadily enlarging enclosure. In SCIET Theory, this would increase the magnitude of the effect.

The Corner illustration shows the Giza Pyramid in profile looking straight at a corner, from this angle we view the widest appearance, with the 51°51″ sides compounded to about 42 degrees to produce the effect above. What we are looking at is a SCIETsphere system that nests around the entire structure. The SCIETorbital capacitance spheres (SCIETspheres) are created by the interaction of the earth’s gravity with the aligned mass of the pyramid. Alignment to magnetic north would prevent lines of force from creating disturbances to the subtle fields being focused.

The Side angle is 51º51′ which is the Phi angle meaning that the corners are compounded Phi and enable a complete enclosure of the structure by SCIET spheres in a specific though gradual increase due to the acceleration of gravity as illustrated in the Corner view..

Obviously, this illustration is not a scientific analysis, but it is interesting to see that the top of the spheres are above the point of the Pyramid, in effect surrounding it like a halo. Look at the effect below the plateau’s surface, there is a tremendous effect underneath the Pyramid.

Ancient stories tell of tunnels and chambers below the Pyramid, supposedly for living quarters to house the people who built and used it for spiritual purposes.

The creation of nested spheres must have some special rules if the Great Pyramid is the best example. For instance, the most obvious way to create nested spheres, if that were their only intention, would be to use a forty-five-degree angle for the edge angle.

The Pyramid uses a 51°51′ slope for some good reason. It cannot use the idea illustrated on the right because the formation of the spheres relies upon the exact elevation of the edges in relationship with the earth’s planetary fields. Using the illustration on the right we can see two views that highlight the issue. The upper view shows the steady enlargement of the spheres while the lower one demonstrates two ideas that apply here. The first is the idea that the topmost level of the pyramid creates a convergence of all the nested gravity spheres because they all share it at the fusion of the upper polarity

The second idea shown in the bottom view is that the lowered apex forces the nested spheres to specific convergence more like a lens created by the slightly flattened sphere.

In combination, these ideas suggest that the apex crystal was able to establish a hyper-frequency field that was amplified by the entire pyramid.

When you add these ideas to the work of Donne and Petrie it becomes more obvious than ever that the Great Pyramid of Giza is a planetary quantum frequency resonator tuned to its exact location on the planet through material proportion and position. Donne’s work shows that the interior passages allowed chemical energy in the form of electricity, gases, and fluids to be managed for some purposes related to resonance.

Considering the notion that the apex had such an important role in the overall function of the Pyramid it must have been the focus of technological innovation. It is possible that they had numerous special purpose apex crystals in addition to the standard environmental effects.

When in operation the pyramid must have greatly strengthened the hyper frequency effects not only at its vertical axis but through the earth’s gravity layers that surround and power it.

Present-day archeology in Egypt and throughout the world is too beholden to political power to consider any explanation not consistent with the status quo. However, by this analysis, it seems probable that the Great Pyramid is an artifact of a civilization with a profound mastery of nature, not just of the Nile valley but of the Earth and stars also.

Why they built it will only be known when we too have such a grasp of nature.


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Like a Road

Like a Road

It often occurs to me as I am doing some daily chore that there has to be a better way to explain what the SCIET is and what it means. This afternoon it happened again as I was driving my daughter home from school.

It’s like a road!road

Now I must stop and clarify. The SCIET that I am talking about on this web site is a force of nature, describable variously as a mathematical form, a method of understanding and the source of consciousness itself.

When I say it’s like a road, I’m referring to the experience of consciousness.

Why a road? Because it has a direction and a perspective that is appropriately illustrative.  Think of a long highway across the plains, a road that stretches to the horizon both in front and to the rear. Straight as an arrow with telephone poles evenly spaced one after another. You drive forward passing the poles as they grow from tiny lines aside the shimmering point that marks the road’s distant future. Passing them as they retreat in the rearview mirror  to become again tiny lines disappearing into a gray haze where the sky and  land meet

We experience the world by moving through it, facing forward.  It is this experience that is transferred into our minds as a continuous memory of daily life. So when we close our eyes and remember where we have been, what we get is a recording of what we have had in front of us, or more generally what our sensory system has experienced.

Like traveling down a road our sensory system travels in time with each moment being steadily approached before passing into the past or behind us. Our grasp of the future is similar to the distant road ahead, it may end just beyond our vision or we may turn off, it only represents our view of where we are going. road1

Our sensory Perspective Bubble

If you have ever traced over a photograph of a house or room you would notice that our perspective is spherical rather than linear.

We are each at the center of our own sensory perspective bubble, a bubble determined by the range of our senses and ability to model the world around us from them. The visual bubble is enormous, the sound bubble much smaller and the bubble that is defined by reach smaller still.

When I say bubble I would mean for you to have an image of a soap bubble  that floats on top of a surface.  The problem with this image is that we face a single direction and so half of the bubble is excluded from our direct sensory input.

We can think of it as a bubble, but we only use half of it , the part in the front.   We face forward, or perhaps I should say, our sensory system faces forward.

(This article will be developed further…)

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