The Proton and Causal Levels

The role of SCIETatomic is to explain the nature and behavior of the first atomic structures. By focusing on the atoms separately from the events that lead to their formation or the mechanisms of their combination into molecules, we can get the most distinct view of the SCIETorbital concept and the important idea of Causal Levels.

Actual photograph of nuclei of pure iron taken with a radiation microscope. Note that it is made of spherical shells connected by lines from the center to center,

SCIET Theory attributes the formation of protons to the sufficient reduction of space to stimulate culmination and resonance return as a common event. 

Protons and electrons formed out of the original creation during the plasma and from them, neutrons and all the molecules emerged from the furnace of stellar gravity.

The layers of spherical shells created by by the SCIET Resonant Return are well illustrated in this rare photo of an iron nucleus taken with a radiation microscope. The strong gravitational compression forced the atoms together to form the iron. The Shells only interact on the SCiETline, the line between the points of awareness at their centers. When the shells are aligned I this way, the energy of each shell harmonizes on the SCIETline. The drawing on the right two people surrounded by quantum layers show the similarity between an alignment of shells on the iron nucleus and when drawn as the resonance between two people. This is a simple idea that permeates

The layers surround an individual align and harmonize along the SCIETline. Notice how similar this is to the iron nucleus photo.

nature and is responsible for the proximity based effects.

Protons and electrons remain the fundamental source of materiality and understanding them will reveal the patterns that underlie all of nature.

The proton is derived from the internalization of the void created by the first SCIET which defined itself, not as a relationship between two points in space, but as a point on the surface of a sphere between an internal and an external void. 

Perhaps thinking of it as a model of a black hole whose surrounding event horizon is the shell of the proton. The SCIET explains that it creates a new SCIET when it reaches the center or smallest factor of its algorithm.

But it must be acknowledged that at its smallest value, the next level is the void. This is the SCIET at the Center of a Proton- it has an internal Void and an External one. or….

The proton surrounds the Awareness while within the Awareness

SCIET Theory offers a method to understand the formation of atomic structures through the function of a single mathematical structure that occurs pulse-like and records its existence in space as a portion of a closed-loop layer surrounding both origin and destination.

The concept of the SCIETorbital and its closed-loop nature underlies much that is mysterious in nature, but it is to be expected that a simple rule is universal and responsible for many effects. The most obvious area to seek confirmation of these ideas is in the realm of atomic structures and quantum mechanics.

The one-to-one relationship of two people creates a third field composed of both their energetic values. In Astrology this is the Composite Chart.

A SCIET interacts with other SCIETs that have matching values. This means that every value defined around the center is treated as a SCIET.  At the smallest levels of creation, this has important implications. 

The minimum unit of change is at the center of the proton and reaches out from that deep place to define the infinitesimal substrate that exists throughout the Universe.

When each of the twelve steps away from the center is considered in the context of originating values, it is obvious that each value becomes the basis of a whole system of derived values.

In order to get a perspective on this idea we need to think about the concept of  “matching values”. If we assign twelve layers or shells to the orbital for the minimum unit, then we have established the basis for twelve minimum units, since each unit is a generational level that sets up its own set of consequences.

The energy of the originating value is continually distributed over larger areas as the size of the values increases. This creates a system of nested spheres or shells surrounding the proton center that are most effectively described as a capacitance lattice since each SCIETorbital is an accumulation of values that derive from the effects of movement between two center points in space.

Incoming EM(SCIETs) arrives at the center and span it before expressing each angular leg at a different level.

The values at the center of the proton are “causal”, which means that whole systems descend from their interactions. They are related to the twelve angularities that allow adjustment in space and because of this, generational levels occur in sets of twelve.

The issue that needs to be examined and understood here is that of matching and the consequence of not matching. When two values are the same in length and generational level they will interact and form new generational levels. If they are from different generational levels, but match in length, they will interact without creating a new generational level, but instead affect an informational adjustment, because they are in temporal disunity.

At the center of each proton exists a SCIET in relationship with those around it. The proton shell is made of a SCIETorbital layer derived from the interactions with other proton-center SCIETs. The commonality of a value, its ability to match with others, establishes its generational level, and its role in the creation of a series of consequences.

Now we can look at the effects of the matching value emerging from the infinitesimal substrate to create SCIETorbitals that are causal levels. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11 are prime numbers occurring within the proton emerging from the infinitesimal substrate. Each of these creates specific resonances in the space around them and determines their generational consequences.


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