The Merkaba

Each of the MerKaBa Tetrahedrons has its own center allowing the interplay of the Masculine and Feminine to simulate the functions of the mind and body.

SCIET Theory Merkaba’s illustration shows two tetrahedrons interpenetrating so that they share a common center. In SCIET Theory the center of a tetrahedron is a direct connection to Source Awareness, Two sets up to interpenetrate would enable two centers to cooperate.

The body’s nervous system has dual inputs to the brain, which has two hemispheres that generate separate sensory awareness fields that connect and generate the higher frequency field of consciousness that allows the will to function. Using the will to control the Quantum Layers that emminate from our being, the eight points of the MerKaBa are defined as a stable spititual vehicle that the Soul can use to move within the Universe. Its basic structure inhibits external forces from connecting to it.

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