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Geometric Projections Create Reality?

Geometric Projections Create Reality?

I am posting this introduction to Emergence Theory here to demonstrate that modern physics is seeking answers and arriving at conclusions similar to SCIET  Theory. Both of them believe that space is geometric with the smallest unit a tetrahedron based on the Planck Unit, and that these units compound into a larger reality.  Also both incorporate consciousness into their explanation.

These similarities are very important, but the divergence between them quickly grows immense. Focusing a lot of energy on crystalline structures, studying how they can be projected from higher dimensions to lower dimensions, speculating that this is pivotal to understanding reality.

SCIET Theory does not do that.

SCIET Theory is based on “design” principles and is the result of backward chaining design problems to find basic rules in the Creation. As its originator, I have not been restricted by mathematical approaches, but able to look for them in the design solutions that appeared as the result solving the design problems.  The mathematical description of the SCIET is primitive using simple concepts to speculate on immense consequences to the creation. This is intentional from the outset of its development, for nature cannot use supercomputers and everything must derive from the simplest possible precursors available. Approaching the creation as being the result of design choices, it became possible to think backwards to find those choices.  This did not begin from a college class or a challenge from a colleague, but from a deep philosophical pursuit that provoked a spontaneous vision that downloaded higher dimensional knowledge into my very being. It happened one evening when I wondered if the buzzing in my leg was the cells calling out for oxygen and if so was that the chi or prana of eastern belief, and did it flow from one place to another. As soon as I mentally asked this, I began to see the energetic structures of my own consciousness responding to my every question about the nature of the soul and the invisible energies with which it communes. The vision lasted for twenty minutes and afterward I could still feel it and the information it downloaded with my C-fiber nervous system. It became a template holding all the knowledge I had received, one that would respond to my thoughts as I compared every idea I encountered in my search for the existence of the soul and the invisible energies of which it was a part.

I can barely imagine how I could have pursued the knowledge that led to the SCIET without that template. And so my admiration for those who pursue the great questions without such inspiration matches those questions. I can only admire from a distance the work that has gone into Emergence Theory since the advanced mathematics used to arrive at its conclusions have not been used or needed for SCIET Theory to evolve.

Please enjoy the video below, and admire the fascination that possesses those who seek the solution through Emergence Theory.


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