SCIET Theory

The Falling Body Experiment

The Falling Body Experiment

The Role of the SCIET in Movement

Compounding Quantum Layers

The “falling body” thought experiment enables anyone to understand how these iterations work together to create the holographic effect, gravity and other effects due to movement in the space of one body relative to another.

The thought experiment is to imagine a body (planetary, not human) as a point surrounded by innumerable layers the thickness of a Planck length, like skins on an onion, and that these layers are able to merge into unity when they are precisely aligned.

Since quantum layers are only a Planck length thick, the Unity Function can only take place on a line between their void point centers, a line that exists close to the void. The   The layers that exist in the space between cosmic bodies are the called the Quantum Lattice.

fallingball.gifEach layer exists independently as a relationship with the body’s center and the rest of the universe. Each point has layers that extend away from its center to the edges of the universe, or as far as the rate of change allows.

Since matter is made of many points nearby, rules exist to merge their effects to operate as one. Basically, a shared value, a kind of common denominator, is determined based because each point is a prime number and their midpoint value is assimible by both primes through a natural harmonic or created by multiplying the interacting layers until they reach a rate able to return to each center. The resulting midpoint value is a new SCIET with its baseline aligned to the dominant or larger body. In a sense, the new SCIET exists in a higher dimension since it must integrate both systems; that is to say, it must transfer its new value back to each of the bodies simultaneously and throughout the entireties of the bodies.

The solution to the falling body problem is the above “Rule of the Third SCIET,” and it is a simple and effective way to solve the merging of many.


Image is of an iron molecule using a radiation microscope.

Molecules are surrounded by quantum layers that combine to become objects and act in concert as a single body because they are overlaid with a series of derived SCIETs compounding to effect a single unified body. They are fully relativistic since they exist due to and for one body alone. In SCIET Theory, the relationship is treated as a separate body that adds values through a common denominator function to each of the bodies.

This effect is cumulative and results in “shell” formation, which is to say that these values return toward the center of the body, (think of RADAR), but the energy they contain goes into orbit around it. These are “Quantum Shells” since they exist as spherical quantum layers, again, like “the skin of an onion.”

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Souls and Protons

Souls and Protons

SCIET Theory originated as a means to answer the long-standing questions about the existence of the soul and provide a logical explanation for it.

A scientific explanation is also a goal, but the first goal is to provide a logical means to account for its existence and behavior in the context of human experience. Four decades of consideration have produced these ideas, giving ample time to try as many approaches as possible before deciding that this Theory is the best.

Notice that the orbs seen near spiritual researchers are similar in size to the brain cavity of a living human.

The Theory did not begin as an explanation for the Creation of matter, but since the Soul could not be defined as emerging from matter, it was necessary to explore what came before matter, and thus we have an explanation for how the matter was formed.

None of these ideas came from experience or experiments but were given as whole thoughts during a twenty-minute period in 1974. From that point on, I knew this information, but it has taken almost fifty years to find the words and concepts to communicate it to others.

Always the simplest answer emerged as the best. In this vein, the proton is remarkably similar to the Soul. Each has a Point of Awareness at the center surrounded by memories of its past. The environment of the proton has few variables and its memories are only of other protons. The incredible age of the proton accounts for the strength and power of its structure, and the calculations regarding its energy are consistent with the forces that have molded it.

SCIET Theory offers a method to understand the formation of atomic structures through the function of a single mathematical structure that occurs pulse-like and records its existence in space as a spherical layer around a point of AwarenessIn

Actual photograph of nuclei of pure iron taken with a radiation microscope. Note that it is made of spherical shells connected by lines from the center to center,

In SCIET Theory protons are the final stage of the creation of the Universe from Crystalline Space, which begins with the First Action and continues through eighty-one magnitudes of subdivision to stimulate resonance return at the boundary layer.

SCIET Resonance Return: A SCIET is an information-filled assembly of twelve leg-like regions equidistant from one another, and angled toward the center, forming a star-like structure of twelve angles. All points are SCIETS, and when two of them resonate, the resulting midpoint structure is also a SCIET, although its information is a harmonic of both. When it is disturbed or forced to adjust and recalculate its information value, the original mid-point information value pulses toward, or resonance returns to each of the original SCIETs, The twelve legs approach the center but cannot reduce into it, and so span it and each leg surrounds the center as a level, forming a twelve level layer, or quanta.

SCIET Boundary Layer: The SCIET First Action leads to successive subdivisions of the first measure and does not end until it reaches a Boundary Layer, a predefined value that represents the limit of the First Actions area of effect. This is common n the Nervous system

Photons are the same but exist independently of another structure.

This process continually adds SCIETorbital components around the center of each interference point.
 This initial cumulative effect resulted in the formation of protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Thus protons emerged from or appeared in, the crystalline space at the beginning of the universe simultaneous to the creation of radiation and gravity.

 The proton shells continued to grow due to resonance with each other and this effect began the effects of gravity, the attraction of matter together based on sharing orbital layers. these protons formed clouds and moved toward others of the same nature, as the clouds grew close, the layers that surrounded them adjusted and stabilized at a standard distance, with the midpoint resonance between them becoming an Electron, and its apparent movement due to its shifting from the midpoint of one proton to another that is also in resonance. Other protons at different distances would have electrons specific to them

  • The very high resonance rates or densities of the interiors of stars enabled protons to assemble in close proximity and become molecules.
  • Neutrons are those so compacted that the midpoints would standardize very close to the shell.

The Proton and Causal Levels

The role of molecularSCIET is to explain the nature and behavior of the molecular structures.

By focusing on the atoms separately from the events that lead to their formation or the mechanisms of their combination into molecules, we can get the most distinct view of the SCIETorbital concept and the important idea of Causal Levels.

  • The term level is used to denote the next or previous of the same interval, such as a value that steps twelve levels to create a layer.
  • A ny increment that can exist is described as a level when considering it in relation to the formation of the shells, layers or lattice.
  • Causal Levels begin inside the proton shell where incoming Resonance Return Values Symmetrically React to the SCIET angle at the center and establish a pulsed polarity of those values into the surrounding space where they become parallel in twelve levels and orbit in perpetuity to form SCIETspheres 

SCIET Theory attributes the formation of protons to the sufficient subdivision of space to stimulate resonance return as a common event.

Protons and electrons formed out of the original creation during the plasma and from them, neutrons and all the molecules emerged from the furnace of stellar gravity.

Protons and electrons remain the fundamental source of materiality and understanding them will reveal the patterns that underlie all of nature.

The proton is derived from the internalization of the void created by the first SCIET which defined itself, not as a relationship between two points in space, but as a point on the surface of a sphere between an internal and an external void.

SCIET Theory offers a method to understand the formation of atomic structures through the function of a single mathematical structure that occurs pulse-like and records its existence in space as a portion of a closed-loop layer surrounding both origin and destination.

The concept of the SCIETorbital and its closed-loop nature underlies much that is mysterious in nature, but it is to be expected that a simple rule is universal and responsible for many effects.

The most obvious area to seek confirmation of these ideas is in the realm of atomic structures and quantum mechanics.

A SCIET interacts with other SCIETs that have matching values. This means that every value defined around the center is treated as a SCIET.

At the smallest levels of creation, this has important implications.

The minimum unit of change is at the center of the proton and reaches out from that deep place to define the infinitesimal substrate that exists throughout the Universe.

When each of the twelve steps away from the center are considered in the context of being originating values, it is obvious that each value becomes the basis of a whole system of derived values.

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Pyramids and Form Resonance

Pyramids and Form Resonance

What the Pyramids tell us about Spherical Memory Layers and Form Resonance

This is the Alexander Golod Pyramid near Moscow, the photo is from a Russian language website

The concept of Pyramid energy was recognized in the twentieth century and extensive research has shown it to be a significant effect, best described as negentropic, meaning it causes the matter affected to become more ordered, organized, and stable. SCIET Theory provides a clear explanation of this.

Its opposite is entropy, which is the steady loss of energy that leads to the disintegration of objects over time.

Why is the Earth’s rotation on its axis important to Pyramid energy? This question remained after the other peculiarities of the Great Pyramid seemed to be obvious. Its symmetry was required, but its angles and scale were not, smaller pyramids with different angles of the slope also worked well.

In Russia, Alexander Golod built more than fifty pyramids like the one in the photo.

The Russian Pyramid research has shown that the most effective angle for the greatest pyramid effect is using the Phi triangle for the sides. The Phi triangle uses the numbers of the Fibonacci series for the sides of the triangle and this makes the pyramid a lot steeper than the Giza Pyramids. The drawback to this shape is its vulnerability to wind or ground vibration such as earthquakes, and the 144-meter pyramid in the image was seriously damaged in a storm several years ago.

Four triangular sides of varying proportion joined at the top above a central point upon a perfectly level and square base would work so long as the base was aligned to true north. Like the Giza Pyramid, there could be no metal in its construction.

This photo was taken by Gatenbrink, whose robot this camera is attached to, later investigators sent a camera to take better photos of the engraving and were able to interpret it to the 8400 BC era. It had to have been done during construction when the top stone was added to this chamber.

The Giza Pyramid’s design is intended to help it resist earthquakes, such as the slightly concave sides and its angle and height, which keep it stable when the ground moves in an earthquake. These design features have enabled it to remain intact for many thousands of years, and only the disrespect and arrogance of local governors caused it any damage since it was completed in 8320 BC. (the engraved star map shows this date on the rock at Gatenbrink’s Door), the data related to Kufu in the mid-third millennium is due to the control of Free Masonry, a group that is dedicated to bringing in a “New World,” which in their view, means control of history. To this end, they have worked to define the history of Humanity as beginning in the Fifth Millennium. This history has no giants, alien contact, or worldwide civilizations that left ruins everywhere. because they did not exist.)

Believing it must contain treasure, a governor of Egypt opened a hole in the side and after that, a continuous stripping of the outer casing left it as it is today. Only a small remnant of the casing now remains near the top.

David Wilcock’s Research

David Wilcock has written and presented extensively videos about pyramid energy and other subjects related to Spherical Memory Layers. He has a website and a Facebook page as well.

His Pyramid presentations have emphasized the increase in stability of all systems around the pyramids in all directions. Increases in the fertility of the land and the growth of plants are important aspects he reports. Among the benefits he reported are:

  •  A simple drug that helps people fight viruses suddenly becomes 3,000 percent more powerful.
  • Just one milliliter of a simple placebo of distilled water stored in the pyramid was administered to twenty different premature babies who were almost certainly going to die, and every single one of them enjoyed a complete recovery.
  • Two groups of normal white laboratory mice were given strain 415 of the virus S. Typhimurium (typhoid fever) in equal amounts over the course of one day. The only difference was that one group of mice was kept in the pyramid, and the other was not. Amazingly, 60 percent of the mice in the pyramid survived smaller doses of the virus, whereas only 7 percent survived in the control group.
  • Using a Russian instrument known as a “military locator,” similar to radar, a column of “unknown energy” was detected around the pyramid—some five hundred meters wide and two thousand meters tall.
  • An ozone hole that was directly over the pyramid closed up only two months after they built it.
  • Pyramids built over oil wells made the oil 30 percent thinner, thus causing production to increase by 30 percent because the oil was so much easier to pump
  • Agricultural seeds in the pyramid for one to five days before they were planted. This was done with more than twenty different seed varieties planted across tens of thousands of hectares. In every single case, the pyramid seeds experienced a 20 to 100 percent increase in crop production. These plants did not get sick and were not affected by droughts.

Wilcock has written The Source Field Investigations, including his years of work with anomalous phenomena. It is a treasure of detail and insight about so many things that are not well understood in science today.

Long before Wilcock’s book, another investigator was informing the world about pyramids.

Patrick Flanagans Research

Patrick Flanagan wrote Pyramid Power in the 1960s to present his research on pyramids. He included his research on the pyramids but little theoretical discussion except for the ideas about vortex energies.

The book has extensive notes on his experiments, not only on pyramids but also on the energy systems he tested with the pyramid. If you need a thorough knowledge of the Giza Pyramid, this book has all the details, including those related to his tests on many objects placed into the pyramid for various amounts of time.

Chapter eight is the most interesting as it discusses Theories of Energies, Ether-Vortex, and Subatomic Vortices and Forces.

Flanagan was a gifted physics student and won a science fair by designing an intercontinental ballistic missile detector while in high school, resulting in interest in his career by the military, which may have influenced his later work that avoided anything that may cause their interest to resume. His early work was innovative within the context of personal experiences people could have using the devices he developed. A charismatic showman, when presenting his work, he flourished by selling personal devices and experiences.

Pyramids and Spherical Memory Layers

The Scale of the Spherical Memory Layers is extremely tiny. The layers are very thin, measured in Planck units; an eighth of an inch would be about thirty million trillion trillion Planck Units thick, so given the number of bodies in resonance with the planet, the layers will vary in volume at any one elevation. The most common demonstration of this effect in action is the Pyramid.

Shape affects how an object interacts with the Earth’s Spherical Memory layers, as does its symmetry and alignment with the planet’s rotation. Together these factors control the Form Resonance of the Pyramids.

  • Form controls the focus of the interaction of the layers with an object
  • Alignment to the planet’s rotation affects the interaction with the layers aligned to the rotation.
  • Symmetry affects the rule of squaring of natural forces because when the object resonates with the layers, the resonance converges on the center evenly.
  • A properly aligned pyramid shape causes the Spheric Memory Layers to nest one in the other in a descending pattern.
  • The nesting reinforces the resonance to build a powerful cavitation effect on molecules, making them resonate in tune, and become stronger in their attraction to their center. Note that the effects of the Pyramid cause a continual enclosure to grow around the smallest value created at the top, which makes all affected objects experience a uniform ordering of all structures from the largest to smallest.
  • The intersection of the Pyramid’s elevations causes a geometric vortex to form that creates a Spherical Memory Layer, so it is that Sphere that is nesting from top to bottom.

The Pyramid Effect is caused by the right shape, proper alignment, and nesting to build a powerful cavitation effect in molecules, making them resonate in tune so they become stronger in their attraction to their center. In this way, it works in opposition to entropy

Below is an illustration of a pyramid with a view facing the corner, with the earth’s layers apparent as the horizontal lines.

The circles represent SCIET Spherical Layers created by the pyramid intersecting the Earth’s SCIET Spherical Layers. The descending edges are aligned with the equatorial circumference so that the incline creates a steadily enlarging enclosure. In SCIET Theory, this increases the magnitude of the effect. The Corner illustration shows the Giza Pyramid in profile looking straight at a corner; from this angle, we view the widest appearance, with the 51°51″ sides meeting at the corners to create a slope of 41º59’50” to produce the effect above. What we are looking at is a SCIET Memory Sphere system that nests around the entire structure. The SCIET Spheres are created by the interaction of the Earth’s Memory Spheres with the aligned mass of the pyramid. Alignment to magnetic north would prevent lines of force from disrupting the subtle fields being focused. The corner angle, at about 42 degrees, enables a complete enclosure of the structure by SCIET Memory Spheres in a specific though gradual increase due to the acceleration of gravity as illustrated in the Corner view. The Side View combined with the Top View illustrates that the side’s angle of incline affects the internal resonance only, making it entirely the result of the mass and achieving a denser Spherical Memory Layer effect.

This illustration offers an analysis of the pattern of the nested spheres created by the slope of the corners, about 42 degrees. It is interesting to see that the top of the spheres is above the point of the Pyramid, surrounding it like a halo.

Since the slope of the sides is different at 51º51′, it creates a different set of nested spheres within the mass of the pyramid. Overlying the two sets of nest spheres should reveal why the King’s Chamber is the most impacted part of the pyramid. Look at the effect below the plateau’s surface; there is a tremendous effect underneath the Pyramid.

The Pyramid form compounds the effects of the layers on it. When it is perfectly level, has the right slope to its sides, and is aligned to the rotation of the planet, it interacts with the layers to create a lens effect for the pyramid focusing the effect of the layers so that it is magnified to affect the entire area with a very high negentropic effect at the Planck Unit scale.

Generalizing the Pyramid Effect

Generalizing the Pyramid effect to all Science

SCIET Theory reveals that properly aligned Pyramids are effective because of the Quantum Spherical Memory Layers that surround all Bodies in Space. It is the presence around the planet of these highly energized layers of energy.

These layers are horizontal to the surface and aligned with the rotation of the planet, and this is why the pyramids need to be aligned to the true north. The pyramid also must be level, its sides must be identical in size and shape leading to a point above the center of a square base.

The proportion of the base to the height has been tested for the best effect and surprisingly the most effective is one based on the Phi ratio rather than the Giza Pyramid, which suggests that it had multiple purposes of which the anti-entropic effect was only one. The symmetry of the Great Pyramid was required, but its angles and scale were not, smaller pyramids with different angles of the slope also worked well.

All of these issues are addressed with SCIET Theory.

Form Resonance is a term describing how a body on the surface interacts with the Planetary Quantum Layers, it stimulates a resonant reaction, in other words, it creates another Quantum Spherical Memory sphere using a vortex above the point on the interactive body. T

This effect is particularly important when learning about the spiritual entities associated with the body in Vedic literature since each vortex connects to an existing frequency of information. Above each shoulder is the site of a vortex, and each of them holds information related to the living being. Of course, there are many vortices of the body and each has a name in the Vedic literature.

What happens when the pyramid interacts with these layers of energy is discussed next.

Spherical Memory Layers

The speed with which the pulses stream into the center and span means that each one can have only a little information, with the volume being the source of context and meaning. This process can work to provide an internal view of the surrounding space in the brain/mind or to form shells of energy around the Point of Awareness at the center of a proton. Evidence is coming in that this process exists at the level of astronomical bodies and is the basis of the layers that surround planets and are responsible for gravity.

Interaction Between point/objects Creates Quantum Spherical Memory Layers in Spacetime. Everything else written here leads to this one rule. But before we learn how this happens, let’s get right into the discussion about layers or Quantum Spherical Memory Layers.

This image of an iron nucleus is created with a radiation microscope. It validates the formation of shells by streaming reactions between resonant bodies. I conducted a search for similar photos taken by the same process, but nothing about this can be found online. This image and the ideas that it provokes are a contradiction of the conventional model

SCIET Theory reveals that the power of pyramids comes from their interaction with the SCIET Quantum Spherical Memory Layers that surrounds the earth and all bodies in space.  The layers are based on the same effect of quantum resonance that forms proton shells. Each layer is related to resonance with another body in space, and for this reason, they continue to grow as the universe evolves, becoming thicker with age. Even so, the layers are only Planck Units thick and interact easily with molecular structures on the surface of the Earth.

Understanding that the Earth is surrounded by Quantum Spherical Memory Layers, which are based on the matter of the Earth and whose thickness is measured in terms of Planck Units is easy with the right ideas.

The layers are thin because they originate from the interaction between protons, the most basic unit of matter. They are measured in Planck Units, even those surrounding Black Holes and stars, so it is easier to think of these layers as a sort of stratified atmosphere of quanta around all bodies in space. Perhaps the most intriguing research relating to this was found in the 1990s.

The Quantum layers originate with the formation of protons from the interaction of the minimum units before anything else existed. The shells of the first protons are made of Quantum Spherical Memory Layers and then the protons become a source of another set of new interactions, as does everything that is formed after the beginning. Each new size spherical layer creates more ad infinitum. Conglomerations of molecules become bodies in space that interact to create layers of Quantum memory spheres around themselves, and these layers continue to form at the same rate today. Everything is becoming more layered and dense.

Comparing the Bohr Model of the Atom to the image of the iron nucleus shows that the models in use relate to teaching chemistry and are not intended to to actually illustrate reality.

One visualization exercise that is helpful is to imagine a balloon that has another balloon blown up inside of it. with both of them individually pressurized and independent from one another, but so close that they almost touch. Now imagine that these balloons exist continuously away from the earth with their thickness growing thinner as they get further away from the center. This vision of layers can be applied to all bodies in space.

When a layer encounters a molecular structure, a resonant reaction begins that creates a Quantum spherical memory shell around the molecular mass, which resonates continuously until it is no longer engaged with the layers. This idea is pivotal to understanding Form Resonance.

Sensory Nervous System

All life has evolved in the presence of the Quantum Spherical Memory Layers of the planet. While additional systems of layers have evolved using other types of energy and fields, the Amino Acids that make up the nucleus of the cells are based on the Spherical Memory Layers of molecular structures, just like the planet,

The pyramid is stationary as it interacts with the Quantum Spherical Memory Layers of the Earth, the living body moves through them. As illustrated this movement causes a symmetrical rotation of the body’s own Spherical Memory Layers, with the fields on each side of the body converging in the middle. These layers are based on molecular energies from the planet and from the body. Other fields are involved but the layers of the Earth are mainly affecting those in the body that relate to its own molecules and mass.

Einstein’s thought experiment about the elevator simulating the effect of gravity tells us that the forward movement of animals creates a type of acceleration of gravity within the complex organism and that this stimulates the formation of Quantum Spherical Memory Layers that become the basis for its evolution. Plants depend on gravity and the movement of the environment around them for the evolutionary stimulation they need, while animals move around the environment for this stimulation. In both cases, the Quantum Spherical Memory Layers that surround the planet is used to drive an energetic adjustment that results in their evolution.

Black Holes

Researchers have found that when a single bit of information enters a black hole, its surface area increases by a very precise amount: the square of the Planck length (equal to an incredibly small 1.6 x 10^-35 meters on a side).  This may not seem all that interesting that a black hole gets larger when matter or energy falls into it, but the surprise here is that it’s the surface area, not the volume, that grows in direct proportion to the infalling information, which is totally unlike most other known objects in the universe. For most objects that we’re familiar with, if it “consumes” one bit of information, their volume will grow by one unit and their surface area by only a fraction. But with black holes, the situation is reversed. It’s like that information isn’t inside the black hole, but instead stuck to its surface.

Every large mass is surrounded by these layers derived from ancient and ongoing relationships with other large masses. In the 1990s researchers discovered that when information enters a black hole (as an example) its surface area increases by a very precise amount, the square of the Planck length (equal to an incredibly small 1.6 x 10^-35 meters on a side).

Cosmologists have used Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity to visualize what the beginning of the universe was like. By using the GTR equations, but working them backward, they have been able to see where inflation began. Not surprisingly, the calculation leads back to a size matching the Original Intrusion before the First Action, which sits at the center of every Proton, and whose effects account for the Quantum Spherical Memory Layers that surround all bodies in space.

Astronomers researching Black Holes have found that energy/information entering a Black Hole does not add to the volume, but to the surface area, so any stream of information exchanged by bodies in space would continually add to the surface surrounding the center point of the body in space. This is where the layers come from, and this is confirmed by what has been observed by astronomers. What remains for the scientific community is to research and conclude that this phenomenon is true of all interacting objects in space.

“Stuck to its surface” is an interesting way to describe the SCIET Quantum Spherical Memory Layers that accumulate around bodies in space. It is indicating that the Point of Awareness at the center of the Proton is still the operative force creating Quantum Spherical Memory Layers around large bodies as well as around protons.

At first blush, it may not seem all that interesting that a black hole gets larger when matter or energy falls into it, but the surprise here is that it’s the surface area, not the volume, that grows in direct proportion to the infalling information, which is totally unlike most other known object in the universe. For most objects that we’re familiar with, (i.e. planets) if it “consumes” one bit of information, its volume will grow by one unit, and its surface area by a only a fraction. But with black holes, the situation is reversed. It’s like that information isn’t inside the black hole, but instead stuck to its surface.

Gravitational Lens

Astrophysicists studying the concept of gravitational lensing predicted in Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity have proven through observation that when a star is occulted by a large body in space, the light from the star can be seen shining on the edges of the surrounding ring, the Einstein Ring, of light. This is due to the Quantum Spherical Memory Layers.
Gravitational Lens effects are seen in space confirming Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. In the theory, space is distorted by the enormous mass of a star causing light to travel along the distortion to appear as though it is coming from a different location than it is. The idea has been confirmed on numerous occasions.SCIET Theory proposes that all bodies in space are surrounded by Quantum Memory Sphere Layers which would achieve the same “gravitational lens” results for a different reason. The SCIET Quantum Spherical Memory Layers exist, they are not just an effect of gravity, in fact, they are the source of gravity because they interact with all other bodies in space, seeking balance as they change positions with one another.Light travels in space through its fabric, which limits its speed to the rate of change based on its beginning. The Quantum Spherical Memory Layers are made of the fabric of space so light travels through the layers at a rate relative to the density of the layers. This means that it prefers to travel at the same density as in normal space, and so tends to reach the layers that match this density and propagate through them in the most coherent way.Like the effects of a rainbow, the Gravitational Lens phenomenon depends on the position of the observer, much the same as any reflected light.


Conceptualizing that all astronomical bodies are surrounded by Quantum Spherical Memory Layers measured in Planck Units, suggests that the interaction between them by objects as small as rocks or as big as stars would cause a resonant effect within the layers.

Quantum Spherical Memory Layers surround each object in space with layers that are interactive with other objects and exist in continuous adjustment or resonance. The layers are the permanent memory of the object’s interactions during its existence. Their thickness is measured in Planck Units, so these layers affect all molecules.

Einstein’s General Relativity proposed that gravity distorts the space around objects like bowling balls on a mattress, but his approach only addresses massive objects.

SCIET Theory can supply a conceptual explanation. It conceptualizes gravity as the resonance of the SCIET Spherical Memory Layers between two bodies, with the larger body gradually causing the smaller body to resonate with it. Since all bodies are already in resonance the change in the smaller body registers as dissonance with other bodies. This means that gravity has both push and pull components.

Consider that the SCIET Quantum Spherical Memory Layers exist as Planck Unit interactive layers, which affect each and every molecule within the mass of an object. Movement causes each mass/object to adjust to its change in position relative to its rest position.

The speed of light is limited, and since the object is made of the same fabric of space that limits the speed of light, the rate of change in the matter is also limited. As a mass/object approaches a body its rate of change increases at a set rate until it reaches it’s maximum related to the limits related to the speed of light. Each body has layers that interact in the same way, so the squaring effect is related to the effect of both bodies interacting, it is a combined value.

The mass/object adjusts its resonance to match that of the attracting body, and as it does so becomes more and more in tune with the attracting body until joins it and stops accelerating, and continual adjustments end.

Formation of Matter

The Formation of Matter is by the continuous layering of Quantum memory around the center of a proton.

The formation of matter is the result of the completion of the resonance of the geometric vortex to the level of the original intrusion. Once matter exists, the same rules of resonance affect all matter just like the original that created protons. An important idea that needs to be included in this is that all of the resonant parts continue to resonate with one another as new resonant forms are added, in this way the entire universal system evolves as an interconnected web of complexity, all based on the same systems.


Since the very first atom, everything in the Universe has been reacting to everything within its line of sight. When atoms formed molecules, and molecules formed conglomerate masses, they all resonated with one another. In all cases, this resonance led to the formation of memory spheres, a continuous record of their relationship. Spacetime began with the First Action of the Geometric Vortex without matter in it, but the matter was added throughout it almost immediately. Since then matter has continually added Spherical Memory Layers that surround each atom, molecule, and conglomeration of molecules into bodies in space. So the effects on bodies in space depend on these three concepts

  • The Quantum Geometrical Vortex (the SCIET) and the First Action
  • SpaceTime is created by the Quantum Geometrical Vortex during the descent to the level of the original intrusion resulting in Points of Awareness
  • Spherical Memory is created by the interaction of points of awareness which has continued to increase in complexity over time.

All action in space depends on these three concepts. The formation of matter is the result of the interaction between Points of Awareness at the level of the Original Intrusion, which activates the adjustment between bodies using the Geometric Vortex and the First Action to establish the resonance that returns to the Point of Awareness where it transits to an orbital path around the center, creating the Quantum Spherical Memory Layers that are the shells of Protons.

What this generalizes to is that all matter creates Quantum spherical layers of energy around itself, and at first, these are limited to interacting with others of almost identical form, but as they grow larger they become layers that surround masses of matter and the operational source of gravity, and as life evolved, the basis of the nervous system in animals.

The Giza Pyramids are evidence that Quantum Spherical Memory Layers exist, and they are the primary instruction we have that has propelled us toward their discovery.

It may be that the ancients knew that the people of the future would eventually realize this by analyzing the Great Pyramid. For this reason, the most important consequence of their study may be the existence of Spherical Memory Layers surrounding our planet and all other bodies in space.

Dane Arr
Updated October 1, 2022

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Elements of Life – Ormus, White Powder of Gold, and Tachyons

The Elements of Life

Monoatomic Quantum Tunneling Super Conductors

Throughout our history the existence of a mysterious substance known as the Philosophers Stone has been whispered among the great intellects of each society. It is just one of the many manifestations of the Elements of Life that are common throughout all soil, water and air. In their common form they are absorbed into the cells of all living things to furnish the basis of the energetic field that allows amino acids to share knowledge and memory to form cellular life.

Each stage of creation has a frequency domain that it adds to the creation. The stage of life is no different, and those frequencies come from the Elements of Life.  Life is information intensive, each living cell has  100,000,000,000,000 or 100 trillion atoms, which is also estimated to be the number of cells in the human body, about the same as the number of atoms in a human cell. This is an amazing correlation and suggests a direct link between the resonance of the cell and the entire body.  

So each cell is an organization of a hundred trillion atoms, all of them working together to do their part to make the single cell harmonize with the whole body. The frequencies used to coordinate that activity are based on the Elements of Life, a small group of platinum group elements that can be forced into a superconductive state by simple mechanical action.

The Elements of Life (Ormus) are green in this table, in their monoatomic form, each of them is capable of becoming superconductive within a cell and generating a Meisner field

Known as the “platinum group” of elements on Earth, they are elongated metallic molecules with the ability to mechanically deform and connect the valences on their ends together, an action that appears to square its energy. When this happens the element becomes superconductive and generates a field, called a Meisner field, which is repelled by electromagnetism and causes the element to become anti-gravitic and quantum tunneling.  Until the monoatomic Elements of Life are mechanically deformed they exist as simple atoms within the soil, water and air. Life began when living cells began to use the Meisner field to store and share information, something the essential amino acids were able to do in the shallow salty waters that collected on the surface of the planet long before. The amino acids reached a degree of frequency complexity sufficient to establish a cyclic pattern frequency and thus “remember” their frequency.  The evolution of cellular life required much higher frequencies, to enable the ability to organize communities of amino acids into collective consciousnesses remembering their structure and history, able to attract and assemble all the molecules needed to be self-replicating and sustainable.  This is why they are the Elements of Life.

Electromagnetic lines of force to bend away from superconductive matter

Microtubules grow from the center of the cell outward

The means for cells to convert the static monoatomic elements into dynamic Meisner field generators vary but the most common are called microtubules. When first discovered these intracellular structures were assumed to be the “scaffolding” of the cells. Hair-like they range haphazardly across the width and depth of the cells interior. Later it was discovered that they were hollow and it is here that we theorize that at one end a certain form of atom would enter and be accelerated to the other end, much like a small molecular rail gun. Research shows that the the microtubules grow from the center of the cell outward, so it is probable that the Elements of Life are gathered at the center and the microtubules accelerate the atoms toward them from the periphery of the cell where the monatomic elements would be waiting for the impact to mechanically deform them into the superconductive state. In that state their presence in the cell enabled the engulfing Meisner field to hold and share the information upon which the organization of elements and amino acids depend for all their interactive functionality.

In multicellular life additional means to generate Meisner field generators were created. The synapses of the nervous systems are the primary tool to create the great volume of field generators needed for the bodies of animals to maintain their consciousness and move about on the surface of the planet. All animals depend on the Elements of Life to manage the vast amounts of information needed to maintain themselves and live in a competitive environment.  According to his research David Hudson, has found that over 5% by dry matter weight of your brain is made up of these elements.  Specifically rhodium and iridium and keep in mind, the elements are not incorporated into amino acids or any other structural form, they are there because they are needed for the superconductive state required for consciousness.

It is not explained why the synaptic gap exists, but the existence of a higher frequency state that can imbue the neurotransmitters with information while in transit from the axon to the receptor site does.

Although neuroscience researchers ignore the role of monoatomic molecules, we can now assume that the space between the axon and dendrite is filled with monoatomic elements as well as neurotransmitters. A nerve impulse ejects potassium ions from the axon and these provide the mechanical force to convert the monoatomic ormus molecules to a superconductive state. Just like described for the cells, the purpose of this is to create Meisner field able to carry the frequencies of consciousness throughout the entire body.  This model of synaptic function is similar to the original vacuum tubes used to capture electromagnetic waves for the old radios, whose operative principle was to allow the electricity spanning the gap between the two contacts to take the shape of the electromagnetic waves of the space itself. With this concept we can attribute the purpose of the synaptic gap to allow the  presence of the mental/spirit body “imprint” the neurotransmitters before they are seated in the dendritic surface.  As stated above, 5% of the dry weight of a brain is monoatomic matter, and if it is not used in this way, then what is it used for?

So we can say that the brain/mind connection is related to the use of monoatomic molecules throughout the nervous system, and that it exists as a unique field throughout the body. And also that the field is generated by both the synapse and the cells themselves. Taking this idea a little further, we can project that the quality of the monoatomics within our body would definitely affect our energy body and our consciousness and the abilities related to these.  So Hudson is right on target, but the ability to replace all our functional monoatomic with higher quality ones is not that easy, and the various ideas about how to do this just BEGIN with ingesting them.

Qigong illustrations from 200 BC Han Dynasty Manuscript

In China, the practice of Qigong is able to concentrate the Elements of Life from all sources so that the body holds them in great abundance. There is little reference in the practice of ingesting them directly, eating the right foods considered to be rich in Qi is one thing, but it is the movements, breathing techniques and exercises combined with mental focus and intention that causes them to concentrate in the body beyond what is required for life itself.  The Chinese refer to the practice of Qigong as “cultivation”, clearly understanding that they are capturing Qi (energetic monoatomic molecules) and connecting them to their consciousness. From this we can observe that atmospheric monoatomic respond to consciousness positively, being attracted to it rather than repelled as in the case of electro magnetism.

David Hudson

David Hudson outside his Home

The monoatomic elements are pervasive throughout nature, those that are able to become superconductive, the metallic Platinum element group appear throughout the history of civilizations as pivotal discoveries to each civilization. Their scientific discovery became public knowledge in the 1990’s through the work of David Hudson and a host of evangelical followers who taught and shared that information worldwide on the Internet.  We are now well aware of the elements and recognize them in the historical texts for what they really are, for Hudson’s work demystified them. His tireless curiosity was driven by destiny, for what he did will certainly be remembered as an incredible achievement for humanity.  Due to  his work we know that he Elements of Life on Earth, the Platinum group, number only eleven (see above), but we can assume that these numbers will grow as we discover the higher density elements created in the furnace of the stars are also super conductive and quantum tunneling.


Few people think of Tachyons as monoatomic molecules, but their behavior and description leaves little dispute that they are in fact a form of superconductive quantum tunneling molecular structure. Very old and powerful stars create them and they are capable of quantum tunneling to any place in space, since their nature makes them their own “multidimensional portals”.  For this reason they should be considered the Elements of Consciousness, rather than life, since they are too energetic to remain in cells or bodies, instead they are attracted to the field of consciousness created by the body, where they remain for a limited amount of time.

Since the mid 1960’s the idea of Tachyons has grown into a substantial body of lore and practice. These “faster than light” particles are attributed healing powers and a means of extra terrestrial star travel.  Numerous researchers have adopted the terminology to explain the powers of various healing systems, tools and artifacts. Their claims that the particles mysteriously appear due the configuration or composition of their devices cannot be verified or understood without an understanding of the existence of monoatomic elements capable of being antigravity, superconductive and quantum tunneling. The existence of Tachyons can only be proven by the success of systems that use them and those systems do so repeatedly for those who use them.  We know that stars and other astronomical bodies throughout the Galaxies compress matter and shoot out highly pressurized jets of gasses into space, and it is assumed that it is these gas jets that generate Tachyons. We cannot go to those locations and be sure that this is true, but the theoretical nature of these particles can only have one explanation and the gas jets are it. The mechanical force needed to make them superconductive is certainly there and there may even be enough force to make them permanently activated, and in this state they possess the ability to “quantum tunnel”, which correlates to the ability to create their own inter dimensional portal, moving from one material location to another without traveling across the space between. They can appear wherever the proper frequency value exists in a material location regardless of where they were formed or existed previously. The are the most activated of the Elements of Life, and their presence around living bodies has an energizing effect on the Elements of Life within those bodies.

This explanation of Tachyons bypasses the argument that they are hypothetical particles that always move faster than light. Most physicists believe that faster-than-light particles cannot exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics, but they are not traveling faster than light, they are quantum tunneling or creating their own portals to the location that calls them. As stated above, they are believed to activated by stars where they are ejected in the so called “jets” from their centers.

A holistic treatment system using Tachyons has been developed and is expanding worldwide. The treatment is straight forward, the patient lies on a platform at the center of an assembly of Tachyon attracting objects, which create a focused area of Tachyons where the patient is lying. You can find out more about Tachyon Treatments here and contact Members of the PFCLeadership Council who operate them to have your questions answered:

A list of Tachyon Chambers located all over the world is posted on this page.

The Philosophers Stone

Mentioned earlier, the Philosophers Stone is a special form whose discovery could only have been due to the intervention of higher dimensional beings. This is because it is created from the elements that have been part of a living consciousness, traveled through the Pineal gland and then been discharged from the body as excretion. How it became known and developed in alchemy in deep antiquity is unknown, but those who practiced this technique felt it extremely important to maintain the strictest secrecy, and who could blame them? If it was known that they could create the Philosopher’s Stone and give the power of wizards to themselves, to move from solid to immaterial presence at will and manifest from the aether anything they could conceive, surely they would be caged like birds and forced to use this knowledge to benefit their captors. The knowledge and practice of converting the excreted monoatomic into the Stone only works when the one whose body produced the excretion uses their own consciousness to create the Stone. Once the stone exists, the alchemist ingests it slowly and its sublime presence infuses the body with the frequencies of the higher realms, converting the physical into the immaterial as an act of consciousness.

Instructions for making the Philosophers Stone are available using modern chemistry setups.

The Book of Aquarius, a 160 page PDF book, is available for download explaining the process of making the Philosophers Stone.

An important idea associated with the Philosophers Stone is that those who ingest the stone of their own creation become Ascended Masters, a quality of spirituality that allows them to become so energized that they are a unique class of spiritual being, one whose energy body is able to remain whole while in the bio-grid of the planet, able to hear the intentions of others and respond to their minds regardless of where they are on the planet. From this state of high energy they can manifest anywhere on the planet and function as a physical being, but one with almost miraculous powers of manifestation. Ascended Masters are more than just ascended, they have taken their physical bodies into the realm of pure energy and memory, and they can exist in this way in the realm of the third density. This is different that the fifth density  where all who dwell there have similar powers, for in that case the individual’s frequencies are the product of the entire environment and exist much like the computer technology called “virtual machines” since they replicate the entire third density body using higher frequencies, just as the virtual computers replace hardware with software that emulates the hardware.

White Powder of Gold

We now know that the use of White Powder of Gold was an essential component of the Extraterrestrial civilization that colonized Earth 430 thousand years ago.  The notion that they were mining gold to save their planet’s atmosphere is as phony as Zecharia Sitchins research. The primary use of gold by the Anunnaki was the manufacture of the White Powder of Gold, which was used both technologically and  biologically. This was far more valuable to them than any other known application for gold.

As a biological agent it is the equivalent of a “Galactic Drug” for those who could obtain it. Ingesting it heals the DNA and strengthens the energy body, a quality that for some ETs provides greatly sought after multidimensional benefits.

Continued secret discoveries of ancient sites used by the ETs around the Earth reveal the White Powder of Gold was treasured by them and incorporated into temples and artifacts to enable trans-dimensional communication and movement. Its use as a means to insure longlife and vitality is evidenced by its presence in the rituals of Pharaonic classes in Egypt.

The Egyptian Source?

The Temple at Serabit El Khadim is important to the story of the White Powder of Gold, for it was the apparent source of it for the Royalty of Egypt. Flinders Petrie was the Archeologist responsible for the exploration of the Temple at Serabit El-Khadim and his findings are in a report linked below. Of particular interest to White Gold researchers is that he removed the stone tiles from the floor of the great hall and discovered a layer of white powder several inches thick. He did not know what it was, speculating that it was “white wood ash”, but today we can surmise that it was actually White Powder of Gold, placed there to turn the hall into a inter-dimensional stage upon which the “gods” could interact with the priests. Imagine the scene of an assembly in that room, chanting, drums beating and the priest calling the beings from another dimension. The layer of White Gold would have responded to the intense vibration upon the floor by becoming activated from the inert powder into superconductive quantum tunneling layer, engulfing the entire area to make everyone there part of an inter-dimensional stage.

Not knowing what it was, Petrie left the layer open to the desert winds and it all blew into the desert. Fifty tons of White Powder of Gold!

This book is W. M. Flinders Petrie’s report on an expedition he made in 1905 to the Sinai Peninsula and is mainly concerned with the ruins of the Temple of Serabít (located in the mountains on the southwestern part of the peninsula). This temple was dedicated to the Egyptian deity Hat.Hor (originally Ishtar, according to Petrie), and was associated with nearby mines which were a source of turquoise for the Egyptian pharaohs.

The temple was begun under Sneferu (IIIrd dynasty, dated by Flinders Petrie at c. 4770 BCE) and work was continued by later pharaohs, including Hatshepsut and Amenhotep III (c. 1490 BCE and c. 1400 BCE according to Petrie).

Petrie’s book is interesting for several reasons:

The exploration of an Egyptian temple in the Sinai devoted to Hat.Hor / Ishtar,

his report of his discovery of fifty tons of “white wood ash” of uncertain origin,

his revision of Egyptian chronology and

his interpretation of the Book of Exodus, leading to the conclusion that the number of Israelites with Moses in the Sinai was far smaller than had previously been believed.

Petrie was reprimanded by his sponsors for this discovery and his dedication to unraveling its implications. He was told that his job was to find evidence of the Exodus and this did nothing for that! This condemnation was probably incorrect, we now believe that the Temple at Serabit was in fact the place where Moses ascended to for his “burning bush” experience, and not only that the head priest there, termed the “Lord of the Mountain”, was actually his father-in-law, Jethro (Reuel) by marriage to Zipporah.

Gathering Manna Exodus 16:14-16

Moses knew about the White Powder of Gold, the priesthood at Serabit was responsible for producing it, and when Moses bade the people to eat the manna coating the ground, it was the same white powder according the Hudson, although this explanation may have been altered to suit the perceptions of the priests who wrote the bible more than 800 years later.

Anubis is the god of digestion and this glyph is explaining that the shew bread was meant to be consumed

The Egyptians called the White Powder of Gold given to the Pharaoh “Shew Bread” after the conical shape of the loaves of bread in Egypt it was mounded into for his consumption.

Was the temple at Serabit the special temple where the Shew bread was produced? From archaeological evidence and biblical writings this was probably the place, although it was said to be where turquoise and copper was mined, such public descriptions were probably disinformation to protect it from the enemies of the Pharaoh and the priest class.

Was the Egyptian Civilization established by extra terrestrials? Recent finds in Romania suggest that their veneration of the White Powder of Gold may actually be a link to ETs in their history.

The amphora of White Power of Gold was found in the dome shaped room.

One intriguing case regarding White Powder of Gold is the Bucegi Mountain discovery. During routine satellite imaging of underground formations, it was found that a dome shaped cavity existed in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania. Teams were sent to investigate and discovered an ancient high tech facility designed to discuss genetic manipulation of humans. Everything in it was scaled for beings more than 12 feet tall. And there, near the raised platform at the center was an amphora filled with a white powder, which turned out to be White Powder of Gold. One of the investigators shared his experiences in a book, Transylvania Sunrise which details the explorations and the subsequent cover-up.

This case in the Bucegi Mountains testifies to the importance and relevance of  the Powder of White Gold to the genetics of living beings. Clearly it is of the highest value to all beings, for if a civilization able to travel the stars and manipulate DNA with ease regarded it with such importance, it must be of universal importance.

Modern Alchemists

David Hudson toured many cities promoting his discovery of White Gold in the 1990’s. He formed a foundation and asked people to join and help him create a processing plant to provide White Gold Powder to the world.  His efforts were subverted by agents who wanted to gain control of the process, but instead Hudson made his patents public in the US, allowing anyone with the desire to use the information.

This act by Hudson has fueled a modern phenomenon of Alchemical enthusiasm by unconventional thinkers worldwide. One individual Barry Carter began a list serve to enable these modern practitioners to share knowledge and support one another’s efforts. Referred to above as numerous evangelical supporters, they have created an industry producing and selling all types of potions, elixirs, cremes and drinks loaded with the Elements of Life.


Barry Carter began to call the group of elements that could become superconductors “ORMUS”, a derivative of Hudson’s ORME acronym and the members of the list shared hundreds and now thousands of ways to produce them from all manner of source material. Barry has an article archive on his site, that is excellent reading if you want learn about what others have done.

If you are interested in discussing Ormus with others around the world, go to this page listing all the available forums on Barry’s site

The White Gold List is an inspiration to free thinkers everywhere. It enables this unique band of Alchemists to connect and encourage one another and they have shown that Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements are distributed throughout nature and life. Numerous ways to increase their bioavailability are listed, and one of the best, one that is almost universally accessible is the use of magnetic traps to concentrate them in fresh spring drinking water.

Attached to a garden hose this device will produce a gallon of oily ormus water while you water your lawn.

A magnetic vortex ORMUS trap separates the portion of water which is superconducting ORMUS material from that portion which is just plain water. In the example above, the water would follow the hot air path and the ORMUS water would follow the cold air path. This effect is induced by spinning the water in a tube which has magnetic tape or other magnetic structures attached to it. Here is a vortex trap made of transparent acrylic with the inner vortex clearly visible:

At the start of this article it is explained that monoatomic elements are everywhere in nature and bioavailable to all living things. The most important of the Elements of Life are Rhodium and Iridium, appearing in abundance in the most healthful foods. In practical terms this means that they are integrated into the evolution of life the same as carbon or oxygen, they are absorbed from the environment just the same as other elements are absorbed. They can be found and concentrated for use from just about anything, the air, water, rocks and minerals, and all living material.

Since Hudson first shared his work in the 1990’s the number of people working with ORMUS has grown into a global phenomenon, a quick search on the Internet will will return 988,000 results, and most of them will be products emphasizing their ormus content. However, if you want to grow your own, you can simply get an Aloe Vera plant for your garden. The leaves of this plant contain a very high percentage of rhodium and iridium.

I will follow up on this overview article with reposts of other writers works on the Elements of Life. A detailed analysis of the scientific awareness of Ormus is next.

Dane Arr
May 7, 2018

Elements of Life – Ormus, White Powder of Gold, and Tachyons

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