A New Approach to Measuring Space

The concept of measuring space takes on a new dimension when you want to begin before matter existed in it. You begin by asking questions about what is the quality of space that would continue to exist if the matter were not present. You would examine the nature of electromagnetic waves to understand how they propagate in space, of gravity and magnetism, and even the quality of thought itself, for it, must truly exist outside of materiality.

Spacimetrics is intended to discuss SCIET Theory, which presents an alternative way to describe nature-based, ultimately, on the concept of resonance between points in space, beginning with a redesigned point,  the SCIET.

Designing a mathematical system was not my intention when I started to pursue a parapsychology degree in 1974.

Like many others, I was convinced that the answer to anomalous phenomena was a not-yet-known form of energy related to plasma. One day (12/10/1974 @5:40 PM). during this intellectual search I experienced a tactile-visual explanation of my questions about the anomalous in a vision lasting about twenty minutes. It was a vision connected to the C-fibers of the nervous system and left a qualitative memory of feeling with me that can be evoked by visualization. In this way, the experience became a design template of natural truth against which all ideas have been compared since that time.

The Math Design system occurred because one answer would lead to more questions, and I am a designer, not a mathematician.  The math design was developed in a step-by-step backward chaining process that is natural to me due to that twenty-minute experience. It is a design because it is based on a visual design process rooted in personal experience. The design framework took seven years to gel into the idea of a Unitary Value in the context of volumetric space able to transmit the qualities of electromagnetism, gravity, and mind.

The recent conceptual breakthroughs in the SCIET Functional Cosmology are foundation concepts needed for organized discussion regarding the true nature of our experience and the nature of our reality.

This work has been in process since 1974 and represents a lifetime of consideration. It is not my belief that anyone will be persuaded to accept or believe SCIET Theory by taking just a few minutes to read this site unless they are predisposed to a concept of resonance themselves.

For the people who have intuitively grasped many of these ideas before visiting this site, there may be a single idea or statement that stimulates an epiphany experience.

It is for you that this site is prepared. 

Dane Michael Arr
April 6, 2002

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