SCIET Applications

Illustrating SCIET Theory by applying it to various real-world situations is the purpose of the following sections.

An effort is made to demonstrate the progression from simple to complex forms culminating in spiritual evolution.  SCIET Applications offers an overview of this exciting new theory of resonance in space is divided into areas of use in various fields of study and work.

A civilization is the consequence of its philosophy and understanding of nature, And it is in this context that SCIET Theory has been developed. It is designed to to add what is missing from modern physics, including consiousness, the formation of space, molecules and multidimensional capability. It lends itself to computer modeling easily.  It is a more efficient technology for all aspects of human material, intellectual and spiritual needs.

  • All processes are frequency based.
  • Provides a magnitude greater understanding of nature and natural processes.
  • Explains the body, mind, soul relationship in a way understandable to children.
  • Enables accelerated learning technology
  • Designed for digital computing.


Each section depends on the preceding section for clarity. For readers convenience, there are navigation buttons on the bottom of each page, and I have made an effort to hyperlink words and phrases to their best explanations within the site.

SCIET Cosmology explains how the SCIET creates the Universe from the Void

Crystalline SCIET details Second Density and how it underlies Quantum SCIET to create memory in all its forms.

Quantum SCIET Explores the role of SCIET Theory is the existence of quantum phenomena.

SCIETatomic explores issues associated with the formation of the atomic nucleus and SCIET Theory.

SCIETmolecular derives from SCIETatomic, beginning with the creation of basic molecules.

MaterialSCIET deals with SCIET effects in compound materials.

ElectroSCIET introduces the use electrical engineering and electronic design into SCIET analysis

BioSCIET deals with the evolution of cellular life from inorganic molecules and the transition from complex organic molecules into using the elements of life to enable the greater complexity required by cells

NeuroSCIET examines how complex cellular organisms evolved central nervous systems and how SCIET Theory can explain higher brain functions.

AstroSCIET explores the role of the Second Density in the evolution of Quantum SCIET into spirit in the presence of planetary, solar and interstellar influence on DNA and body energies.

InterSCIET discusses the existence of multiple dimensions and densities.

SoulSCIET addresses the use of SCIET concepts to describe the evolution of the Soul and its relationship to the body.

CosmoSCIET addresses how SCIET Theory explains scientific findings of astrophysics.

Design in SCIET explores the role of SCIET Theory in Systems design and its effects on exiting approaches. It is the practical application of material and structural resonance in daily life.