Quantum Energy in SCIET Theory

What is quantum energy in SCIET Theory?

This question is the key to understanding how SCIET can assist the development of technology. SCIET Theory reveals that the Universe exists in realms that interact in very specific ways. These separate realms or systems exist between the Void and the Atom:

  • Limitless Awareness (Void)
  • First Action (the IsBe, the seed of consciousness)
  • Points of Awareness (the continual action toward the center)
  • Resonance Return
  • Atoms (Protons)

The Limitless Awareness (the Void) is the stage upon which actions and change play, providing a set of rules limiting matter and energy that enable life and the spacial dynamics we live within. What we have in our reality is only what has been created by our reality, but Limitless Awareness allows much more that is created by a single causal value.

The rules of the First Action, the SCIET, provide orientation, but with Awareness, it becomes purpose and intention for the kernel of Limitless Awareness that holds everything it has been in the past. It is the IsBe, the recognition of being, and the intention to be more. The First Action is entirely hierarchical, inward-looking, and has no peers. Its continual Action can only be limited by a defined limit set by the intention of the Awareness within which its continual action began.

The Point of Awareness anchors all matter, allowing its resonant SCIET Algorithm energy to dissipate into the Infinitesimal Substrate at the edge of the Limitless Awareness. This is the source of the negentropy stabilizing molecular structures in space.  A Point of Awareness can be visualized as a SCIET in continual action, constantly describing an area at its center that is open to Limitless Awareness.

Resonance does not begin until the set limit is reached. The concept of Resonance Return is based on the smallest value of the First Action interacting with a Matching Value from another SCIET, which creates a third value at its midpoint able to interact with both as a symmetrical exchange of energy.

The continuing return of the third value to both originating Points of Awareness results in the formation of spherical shells around the center. This is the origin of Atoms, Protons, and all molecular structures.

Origin of Quantum

What is returned to each Point of Awareness is a unique SCIET. A value based on two prime numbers is not interactive with other value sets and remains intact with its information regardless of external action. It is a QUANTUM VALUE that cannot assimilate with the SCIET point of Awareness to which it returns because its values cannot be reduced. It remains intact and its twelve angularities span the center and wrap around it, becoming twelve levels of information overlay each other.

This is the origin of the quantum value. It is not limited to the formation of Proton shells at the Atomic level, it is the result of all SCIET Resonance events at all ranges that surround Points of Awareness in the Universe. They are the result of the Resonance of Points of Awareness, which occur at values below the threshold of electromagnetism.  These values are the direct result of one on one resonance derived from the simple change of position of the Points of Awareness in Space. These are the quantum effects between all Points of Awareness including living cells and their complex assemblies.

In practical terms, all movement results in Quantum Values that exist below the threshold of detectability as electromagnetic phenomena. They are the product of a resonant return of the First Action of any size. These Quantum values maintain their integrity while interacting as individualized units that can function as layers around larger structures or spherical units of values like photons.

Quantum Units are the basis of the formation of the shells that surround Protons and all molecular structures as well as the components of living cells.

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