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The Lattice is a concept used to explain the occurrence of quantum layers throughout space. In the context of daily life, these are called Layers, and at the molecular level, they are called Shells.In all cases they exist on the Plank scale, only 1.6 x 1035 meters thick.

Quantum Lattice always occurs in the context of a Point of Awareness at the center of a cosmic. The term Lattice denotes the larger quantum layers that exist around planets, stars and other cosmic bodies.

The SCIET Quantum Lattice is the underlying cause of astrology. It directly explains how a person on Earth can be in resonance with planets in the solar system at birth.

The Quantum Lattice is a SCIET Theory of the Resonance Return Values, a resonance energy structure (RES) that is the result of the continuing return of an external outreach from a compound SCIET system. The information stream that returns to a system is continually compressed. Still, the energy it contains is reflected outward, following the initial value path until it is parallel to the reflection point, becoming a part of a shell.

You can conceptualize the Quantum Lattice if you visualize yourself at the center of your body and visualize a lattice of infinitely fine spherical layers of capacitance shells, like the skins of an onion. Each of which is like the surface of a sphere written with vast amounts of information that you can retrieve, rewrite or relate. They exist perpendicular to a line away from your center, all of these Quantum Layers, each with stored memories, knowledge, and belief. The capacitance spheres can align with one another by matching similar charge content. That is the Quantum Lattice, the capacitance spheres, and their content alignments.

The most important area of lattice formation is the mind/brain inside the skull where it has been shown that fluid adopts spheric lattice patterns of great detail.

The idea that information is stored in the tissue is doubtful since many instances of hydrocephaly have shown that people can function normally with their brain tissue pushed into a layer against the inside of their skulls. Add to this the incidence of hemispheric removal to treat seizure disorders and the case for tissue storage falls flat.

SCIET is an acronym for Single Cycle Integrative Effect Topology, intended to enable us to “freeze” change in its minimum increment.  At the sub-atomic level, you can visualize individual changes. This is because each SCIET exists on a center that is shared by innumerable other SCIETs, each with its own cycle and SCIET Line. So each SCIET Cycle represents the interaction between two points in space that are moving relative to one another. Each movement of a Planck length is recorded through a cascade of adjustments based on a value established at their midpoint.

Between any two points, change is affected at the midpoint, where a common denominator value is established to communicate the change in relative position.  If the movement ends and they remain stable in respect to one another the cascade effect stills, and they return to a stable crystalline structure. However, if they change relative to one another, then the midpoint value will continually return new information to the two centers. When I had this presented to me in a vision it looked something like this:

When a value returns to the source, it eventually reaches a place when it is the same size value as the source/center point. When this happens the returning charge ‘pulses” the center and spreads into the space surrounding the center in a pattern related to the Angularities. Below is an illustration showing a center surrounded by twelve radius layers. An incoming value matching the center is partially absorbed, changing the center’s value, which then communicates that value change into the space around it in values related to its radius. Each successive layer is charged with the same value but is transferred outward along a polarity axis determined by the SCIET because each layer is an interference point. The orbital layer is built up from the continuing deposit of incoming information from the SCIET Line interaction.The orbital layers are the source of the Quantum Layers. The closer that they are to the center, the more energy/information that is orbiting in the layer. In the sizes that are closest to the creation or Causal Values, the Quantum Layers are best considered “shells” as in the surface of the proton or the electron orbital shells.

The lattice stores change.  It is the basic mechanism for distributing change throughout a system as in the center of gravity between two bodies. The capacitance lattice is the ongoing remainder of the individual SCIET event.

Using the above illustration we can extend the idea of layer formation.  As shown above, the twelfth layer has a polarity the same as the center, it is parallel and represents an orbital position. Using the same illustration we can extend this idea outward with each layer being a center value and then surrounded by layers based on that center value. We would then have orbital positions, based on the first measure, of 12, 24, 36, 48, etc out to 144. What is interesting here is that the orbital layers will in turn become the basis for their own sets starting on the same layer positions but extending out further and further.

Because of this, the initial levels are considered Causal Levels.

Causal Levels and Causal Layers both mean values at the foundation of whole systems of creation. In SCIET Theory the term shells refer to Resonance Return Values in SCIET  Molecular and is reserved for material creation such as the surface of a proton, while layers is used to discuss the same phenomenon as it occurs from Resonance Return Values in Relationship.

Resonance Return Values create the Infinitesimal Substrate as both systems of values return to the Void through the process of Receptive Reduction.

The two above illustrations are used to conceptualize different parts of the idea. The first one represents the midpoint interaction and the second diagrams formation of the charge-filled layers or the individual spheres that make up the lattice surrounding any built-up body in space.

The idea of ‘charge’ and the mathematical mechanism for the storage of charge/energy is one of the most important ideas in SCIET Dynamics.  At the beginning of creation, we have little difference from one side of the universe to the other. We can think of it as a spherical shape suddenly defined by a difference from within a formless void. Once that occurs, the distance between the point of difference and the center is the SCIET Line. A charge is defined within this system as the two positions along the SCIET Line that represent two levels of the same value, basically, one is closer to the center and has the ability to define more change and one is further from the center and able to define less change.  Refer to the orbital illustration above.

Lattice layers are filled with built-up change as records of ongoing change between points. Because they are the product of two primes they are always neutral since they can only interact when specific alignments occur with similar alignments.


Any evolving system establishes foundational values upon which the continuing growth must rest.

In SCIET Dynamics these are called Causal Levels and the principle is called Causality. All levels can be considered causal levels to whatever descends from them, however, the “plasma event”  at the beginning of creation had twelve causal levels that continue to manifest their separate realities.

Each moment of the Universe adds to recorded history. This means that the universe is built-up from earlier events that serve as the foundation for the complex reality that we experience.(angudime jpg)

All points are SCIETs. Thus a polarity formed from resonance with a SCIET center will progress through the space around it using SCIET alignments until it is parallel to its origin and in permanent orbit.

A SCIET interacts with other SCIETs that have matching values. At the center of each proton exists a SCIET in relationship with those around it. The proton shell is made of SCIETorbit layers derived from the interaction with another proton center SCIETs

Levels  (Generational Levels)

Levels refer to ranges of polarity values that interact.

Levels are generational in character, meaning that two can start things going and all the next generations are directly related but by generation ten things are happening that are quite independent of the original two that started everything. Levels exist in their own time with their own cohort of interactive participation.

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