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The Craft of Souls

A tetrahedron is one-half of a Merkaba. The second tetrahedron is formed separately after the first one; both connect to consciousness at the center. Pointed toward the ground is feminine, and the masculine points up. The polarity of the opposite-pointed tetrahedrons naturally aligns each of them with one of the polarities within us. In silhouette, the Merkaba is a six-pointed star.

In spiritual teaching, the Merkaba composed as such is the most protective form you can use to move about in the spiritual realms.

The reason for this is simple, just as you have two eyes, ears, arms, and legs, the body is composed of phase-conjugated frequency systems rotating on each side of the body; this means that they connect in a coordinated way at a point between them. This connection is true of the body, and it is true of the spiritual body as well. The two tetrahedrons support this.

The two tetrahedrons used as energetic forms to protect the spirit body do so because they eliminate external “noise” from disrupting the spirit body’s concentration. You can visualize that the eight points, the vertices of the tetrahedrons, are balanced energy concentrators focusing on the center where your spirit is protected. 

There are two tetrahedrons, one for each side, and polarity enables your spirit to navigate in multiple densities by aligning your Soul’s internal dynamics to focus externally in a coherent way.

Compare this to becoming suddenly discarnate; your Soul leaves the body with its chakras forming layers around your higher levels of consciousness at the center. Here, the Soul is an inner tube floating on a river, but the Merkaba provides a boat with which to navigate. The newly released Soul can cast a line to those it loves and cares about but cannot steer and simulate the ability to operate with focused intention. External information has a duality similar to how the mind works in a body.

The Merkaba aligns the spirit with the material realm, creating a sort of x-y- z axis for us to navigate in space. Two horizontal planes of three points and two in verticle alignments of positive and negative polarity give the mind/spirit mobility within the planes of the planet.


Meditate with this image.

Dane Arr


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