An Ear Full: A Moment of Awareness

This phrase captures the best description of the information in a SCIET cycle

Your ear size divided by the speed of sound equals a “moment of awareness”: Think about it. Your outer ear captures a group of frequencies simultaneously and passes them to the inner ear.  This defines a sampling rate for sound-based information coming into the spacial modeling process of the brain,

This would be a one-and-a-half-inch radius wavefront or a three-inch diameter. So that means that the time it takes sound to travel three inches may define the sampling rate of the brain. Based on the speed of sound, that would be about one ten-thousandth-of-a-second in time.

The resonance of sound in the head is the basis of the skull’s design. When comparing the center of resonance points in the skull, it was found that the centers for hearing are positioned to be at the focal point of sound reflected by the skull’s interior. This tells us the primary evolutionary force in the skull is sound and not the resonant frequencies of consciousness.

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