Does Enki refer to SCIET?

Elena Danaan published her new book, Seeders: Return of the Gods, and details her evolution from an abductee writing about her Contactee experiences to the role of Emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. We learn that she was prepared for this role from before her birth, with intervention to enhance her DNA so that she could communicate with higher densities and eventually play the role we see her in today.

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Chosen as Emissary, Elena has had little time to reflect on this due to the constant activity it has demanded of her, she has been escorted to Venus to meet Val Thor, to the edge of the solar system to experience the frequency difference between being inside the plasma shield and outside. She has continual contact with the GFW crewmen who rescued her in 1979 and 1987 via an implant, which provides her with a certain form of security needed because of her unique role.

Of particular interest to me has been her contact with Enki, the Anunnaki Immortal, that played a pivotal role in the creation and evolution of the human genome. Twice she has met with and spoken to him on his initiative. He has wanted her to relay messages to humanity. His real secret for us is that he has returned with the original DNA template, the one without alterations from Enlil and his group. This will be provided to all the DNA healing technology that is coming to Earth. If you want to know the whole story, you can buy her book, here I will recap the portion that is relative to SCIET.

On page 481 of Seeders: Return of the Gods by Elena Danaan, Enki is quoted as telling her that DNA reacts geometrically to light and sound. He gets a little more detailed here but copyright issues prevent me from directly quoting her conversation as written.

The main point is not so secret, but hearing him reassert it does give it more power. Sound drives information all the way to the DNA and has the power to alter it. Take this to heart! Do not say things about yourself or others that diminish you or them. Instead, say positive things that contain healing and Ascension information. You have the power.

SCIET Theory explains what Enki describes to Elena.  SCIET is the first mathematical structure to exist in nature. It is the natural means to measure and record a point’s existence in space and everything around it, continuously. In SCIET Theory this is described as the Harmonic Fractional Receptive Reduction  Algorithm, which is too long, so I call it the SCIET Algorithm. It is negentropic. You can read about it at

The SCiET describes a geometrical vortex that takes a singular value and steps it through twenty reductions to one million forty-eight thousand and five hundred and twelve parts of the whole, and then it begins again using the last increment as the start of a new singular value. It is a geometrical vortex that continues down to the DNA and into the Infinitesimal Substrate above the range of the Source (the Awareness)

I know SCIET does this, but I do not know if any other mathematical system also does it. I’ll have to wait and see who else is working on math for a geometrical vortex.

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