Notes on the Soul

How the Soul evolves over hundreds or thousands of incarnations is important to understand. To aid this, we will discuss some basic concepts involved with the process.

In SCIET Theory, matter comes into existence as the last stage of the Primeval SCIET’s First Action. As opposed to Big Bang Theory, there is no inflation; the Universe is created within a tiny SCIET point that appears in the Void, and rather than expanding, the SCIET fragments within that point into many SCIETs equivalent to one followed by eighty-one zeros. All of these become resonant with the boundary value SCIETS and form spherical shells from a stream of SCIETs generated at their midpoint by the resonance between the two SCIETs.

Up to this point, there are only two units, the points of awareness and lines between them, that define Crystalline Space. Until now, no spheres exist. The formation of spheres is the beginning of matter, and everything that depends on matter, radiation, and gravity begin with the formation of spheres.

The resonance between the reduced values and boundary values is what creates the quanta that form the shells of protons. All of the SCIETs in resonance at the boundary layer become protons. In Big Bang Theory, this is the moment when the light begins to illuminate space. It is the beginning of radiation.

When two points of Awareness change their positions relative to one another, their existing connection breaks, and they immediately form a new one. Each time the connection breaks, it pulses back to each point of Awareness, and it is this pulse that becomes a quantum unit in the form of a spherical layer containing the information of the connection.

  • First, all matter is accumulated quantum events, so learning how these quantum events occur is part of learning about the Soul.
  • Quantum units are created by movement in space using a very simple relationship that originates in the crystalline nature of space, the Single Cycle Integrative Effect Topology, or the SCIET.
  • The most primeval form in the void is a point of awareness. The original Point of Awareness is the Creator. Since the Void cannot have anything in it, the Universe is created in the original point of awareness which subdivides into all the protons in the universe.
  • Protons are the final stage of the subdivision initiated by the First Action. Between the First Action and the formation of protons, eighty-one successive SCIET Magnitudes occur, each reducing its first measure to one part of one million fifty thousand five hundred and twelfth. The final reduction reaches the minimum defined unit of the original Point of Awareness.
  • Each SCIET begins as twenty Points of Awareness, each of them defining a connection to the Awareness with orientation. The tetrahedral form results from the Point of Awareness being part of the first action, meaning that it exists unmatched during its original state. This means that the only measure available to define it is one singular unit of measure. Thus the tetrahedral form is not based on planes but on four equidistant legs away from a hole in space.
  • Crystalline Space is created by the twenty Points of Awareness of the SCIET, assemblies of tetrahedral fractals, each with a pulsing connection to the creator at its center. This form stabilizes the points of awareness, which would otherwise exist only for a Planck moment.
    In the form of a SCIET, they can define a single length into values subdivided throughout the entire space defined by the radius length.
  • During the Creation Event, there are only two dimensions, the point and the line, which define all space within the creation. This is the crystalline nature of space, and it continues to exist.
  • Each time a quantum unit is created, it becomes part of a larger structure, basically a spherical layer around the center, the point of Awareness, where it originated. This is true whether it is a black hole in deep space or a point at the center of a proton.
  • The Soul is composed of these spherical layers accumulated in multiple dimensions with the assistance of the brain. The layers can be thought of as being similar to the layers used in producing visual effects within computer imaging programs. Still, they are the spherical layers derived from the resonance of hundreds of thousands or millions of points cascading into the sensory system and being assembled into a coherent whole by the consciousness within the brain.
  • The body’s frequencies are a magnitude lower than those of the Soul’s consciousness, so the method created to raise them is the same as used to create any quantum structure; two sources of input resonate to form a continuous stream of quantum layers.
  • When a SCIET returns to the point of awareness, it cannot reduce into it, so it spans it, sending each defined length across at the same angle, causing them to arc into an orbit around the center. In effect, the twelve angularities are spread in layers around the center, and this is what forms a quantum of energy.
  • The nervous system is the product of evolving within the gravitational field of the planet. An animal, as opposed to a plant, moves through space, parting the quantum layers surrounding the planet as it moves forward. Since the moving being is also composed of quantum layers, a rotor/stator effect is created, causing the layers to move in the opposite direction of travel and causing a central channel to form so that the quantum layers are returned to the front to replace what has been moved to the back. This is an environmental effect of the quantum layers in the environment and does not affect the ongoing reception of the incoming quanta of crystalline space through the sensory system. Still, it is responsible for the duality of the evolved nervous system and brain.
  • The dual rotating quantum fields are the tool used to create the field of consciousness that connects to the Soul. These quantum layer fields exist within the body like electricity, and their values need to be greatly increased in frequency while being stepped down in power to connect to the waking consciousness that is connected to the Soul.
  • The higher frequencies result from the two fields combining along the central channel, the midline of the nervous system. We experience this as focal consciousness, which is the means to use our brains to think, control our bodies and direct our attention to anything we choose.
  • The brain’s anatomical structures show this. It has two hemispheres, each of which is receiving information from almost identical sensory inputs but in a reversed pattern. This creates within the brain a slight imbalance that forces a spontaneous balancing charge to occur, this is the electrical activity we observe in the brain. It is this balancing charge that creates a stream of quantum layers that form a model of the environment around the being. This is the means for each of us to be a Universe model. We resonate with everything outside our being using the crystalline nature of space.
  • The Soul is composed of the layers of quantum units streamed into it by the sensory system through the brain.  Helping to understand this is the layout of the body’s input sources. If you look at the body and its nervous system, you see it has inputs forcing its stream of consciousness to face forward, meaning that regardless of any contortions, the sensory input is composed of the front, back, up, down, right side, and left side. So the stream of quantum units being recorded always has an orientation.
  • The areas of the brain associated with the body parts demonstrate that the environment is modeled upside down and backward. The part of the brain responsible for watching where our feet should go is at the top of the head. In fact, it has a special bundle of nerves connected to it from the eyes that bypass the optic nerves. It is the back of the head that serves as the viewscreen we use to see, visualize and imagine, and it is the very bottom of the brain that represents the midheaven, the middle of the sky overhead. All the functions are nested together to be consistent with the model we create of the environment around us. Our mind looks backward as our bodies move forward, and all that disappears behind us is stored in the forebrain, where all planning and memory resides. Although we imagine the world we have experienced is behind us, our forebrain is busy saving references to important experiences from within the stream of information that seems to disappear behind us.
  • We synthesize the force of gravity within our heads, a separate gravity, one that is synthesized by differences in frequencies associated with the planet and with the sky. We model gravity using acceleration, much like Einstein’s Elevator thought experiment. This is done by the difference in frequencies being streamed from the sensory system connected spinal cord. which continually streams the quantum inputs from the muscles and body toward the top of the head. Thus the force of gravity received by the muscles is channeled to control structures in the brain.
  • The brain’s anatomy contributes to our ability or inability to see higher densities. The length of the skull plays a role in the use of focus and the range of frequencies available to use for that purpose. It is the ability to control the energetic connection, the quantum spheres,  between the separate sides of the brain that enables us to choose which point in space and time we tune in for feedback. Basically, it is how we select the frequency for our visualization capability. humans are brachycephalic as opposed to dolichocephalic or long-headed-like races that are telepathic and able to see into the fourth density.
  • The brain and mind are like a magnet for the soul. the continuous stream of quantum units is what connects the soul to the body, and without it, the Soul moves easily throughout the surrounding space. When the body ceases to stream the quantum information or dies, the soul cannot return, for without that connection it has no purpose.
  • The soul is composed of quantum units from multiple dimensions, not just those from the body’s sensory inputs.

The Soul can leave the body at death and remain coherent as a layer around the Earth. While this may seem counterintuitive, the nature of quantum units makes this possible without any problems at all. It is these Earth layers that connect the body’s chakra system to the biological noosphere that surrounds the planet, and it is this connection that allows the quantum storage of information from all the chakras to be stored in the Soul as layers surrounding the center. This is how the soul can reexperience past lives in all their clarity, filled with awareness of the surrounding environment.


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