SCIET Functional Cosmology

The Stages of Creation

The SCIET Functional Cosmology teaches the concepts of SCIET Theory, introducing them in the context of their manifestation in nature with a brief explanation of why the concept is needed and how it contributes to the creation. The Creation is an evolutionary platform and the Cosmology is the natural way to understand its complex progression.

Earlier versions of this website have relied on the use of applications, examples of how SCIET Dynamics explains everyday activities, to convey the foundation ideas.  Cosmology provides a platform for comprehension while the Applications enable recognition from experience. Spacimetrics (in development) addresses the ability to calculate SCIET Resonance Maps as a third platform for understanding SCIET Theory. Teaching and learning where we have come from and how things work while developing practical economic, social, and spiritual benefits is the three-part approach on this site.

The SCIET is the underlying pattern of creation. It is rooted in natural truths, abstractions that are true both in nature and mathematics.  Those natural truths are presented here in a cosmological progression,  the Stages of Creation. This means that we build a universe around the assumption that all points in space are definable as SCIETs and that the Universe evolved in that context. How these ideas may impact other areas of study is briefly discussed in the SCIET Applications section.

Each stage of creation can be understood in the context of the SCIET.  Any definable location in space is a SCIET and all intersections are expressible as SCIETs. The Harmonic Receptive Reduction algorithm of the SCIET continually reduces into smaller SCIETs until the original measure seems to vanish into the space itself.  It is the notion that all points in space are definable as SCIETs that makes this possible.

Understanding the conditions before matter formed has necessitated the development of a consistent approach to the Harmonic Receptive Reduction Algorithm of SCIET Theory. Backward chaining of the ideas of the SCIET before the First Action leads to the idea of SCIET Frequency Potential Levels as the basis for Awareness and the Creation Substance with Limitation thus enabling individuation, resonance, and the beginning of Relationship setting the stage for Culmination and the formation of matter,


The SCIET Universe is created by the Awareness defining the Creation Substance as limited space and then expressing a Unitary Value to that edge from its center that began to descend. magnitude by magnitude until it reached the value of the Creation Substance where it Culminated.

The  “Stages of Creation” presentation has three stages before the “big bang”Culmination event, and discusses three after it, including the next stages beyond where we are today. Each stage exists as a consequence of the prior stages.

Stage of the Awareness

Stage of Quantum Resonance

Awareness is the highest frequency potential. It is so fast that it is unlimited and thus needs the limitations of the slower Creation Substance to project intention into.  It is an order of magnitude faster and smaller than the Creation Substance. Awareness is unlimited, and its receptive frequency potential is unlimited, so the role of the creation substance is to enable the creation of limitation and consequently, resonance within the creation substance.

The Stage of Space (source field, void, creation substance)

Awareness of the Creation Substance leads to the recognition of others or the creation of relationships in the creation substance. The Awareness’ magnitude higher rate of change enables it to inhabit the larger slower SCIET values of the creation substance and express intention, ordering the magnitude slower creation substance with a SCIETline of the Awareness between two locations within the Creation Substance.

Removing all matter from space would leave only the creation of substances without the disturbance of matter and radiation. Although modern astrophysics calls it the void, now considers that it must be teeming with zero point energy. However, for our purposes, we generalize that the qualities of the creation substance can be seen by how it expresses the properties of gravity, radiation, and mind.

Stage of Relationship

Relationship is the underlying pattern of space established by the intention of Awareness.   The space defines itself using the SCIET Dynamic to create tracks of potential within the Creation Substance.  During the Relationship Stage, all the volume of affected Creation Substance is processed so that every location is addressable. In essence, the intention expressed subdivides to its smallest part before achieving culmination.

Modern technology has a good analogy to this situation. Computer hard drives are manufactured using a coating of magnetic particles on the surface of spinning disks which are “written” on by tiny electromagnetic needles that cover the surface with small changes to enable the read/write function. This is called formatting and it is not data, but the preparation of the media to handle data, to make it relate to itself in an organized way.

Since Awareness permeates the volume of the Creation Substance, the formatting defines Integrated Awarenesses known in spirituality as the Angelic Hierarchy, with each subdivision resulting in an individuated, evolving awareness.

Each level of the Hierarchy represents a level of subdivision within the Creation Substance until the Culmination when all the individuated parts begin to exchange resonance using the Combinatory Principle.  As a result of this, each individuated value is surrounded by Capacitance Layers related to system-wide shared values.

Culmination  (Big Bang boundary event)

Culmination in a system is related to the idea of Limitation in the Creation itself.  The boundary or transition event of the Harmonic Fractional Receptive Reduction process that results in the transfer of all information from the Unitary Value to the Point of Magnitude  A created system has a beginning and the Culmination occurs when the initial defined value subdivides into a value equal to the smallest, fastest value possible in that SCIET range. The resulting value is individuated and becomes resonant within the frequency values defined by the prior subdivisions.

During the creation, Culmination resulted in the formation of protons based on the smallest and fastest resonant values, which remain in continuous resonant relationship to the present.

In the context of SCIET Culmination, the “big bang” may be more easily understood as a kind of cosmic “dew” that occurred when two dynamic systems achieved a certain mutual balance.  In the atmosphere dew is an energy versus density equation, which also describes the convergence of the reducing Unitary Value (the energy) and the Frequency Potential Levels of the Creation Substance (the density), an event when the Reduction met the

The 7.35 Centimeter Cosmic Background Radiation is considered to be a remnant of the big bang, evidence of a Univers-wide event related to that value. In SCIET Dynamics it is the basis of Culmination, being the value that resulted from the intersection of energy and density that began the Third SCIET and Resonance Return.

Culmination occurs in all created systems and is particularly noteworthy in the nervous system where it distributes new information to all cells and governs all the transitions between value ranges. It is the basis of the holographic effect when combined with Agreement and Memory.

When a soap bubble bursts it immediately culminates into its receptive reduction values, with the droplets in the mist created by the burst being tiny bubbles rather than droplets of water.

Stage of the Agreement

The culmination allowed a new range of values related to the creation of protons and electrons, which are the integration of the first three stages into new individualized parts that work with the Awareness in the Creation of Substance with Relationship.

Stage of Memory

All of the evolved life forms are created in the Stage of Memory that in its higher frequencies is known as the mind and correlates to the Fourth Dimension.

Stage of Consciousness

When Memory is fully evolved it combines with Agreement or natural law to form the Stage of Consciousness.  The concept of the “fifth dimension” being discussed in popular culture today is rooted in this Consciousness Stage of evolutionary development.  In practical terms, the third dimension “Agreement or natural law” compounds with the fourth stage of memory where the material structures are the armatures for the evolving resonant memory of life into a dimension of pure consciousness.


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