The SCIET and Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry and how it compares to SCIET Theory

Sacred Geometry is taught as a tool to understand Ritual and the formation of thought patterns that can exist independently of their creators.

The forms are geometrical because they relate to the underlying structures that allow energy to remain intact. In SCIET Theory these forms are revealed as preliminary to the formation of matter and underlie all matter.

The Dodecahedron is inside of the icosahedron in SICET Theory. Its vertices are at the center of the tetrahedrons composing the twenty planes of the icosahedrons, which make them in phi relationship to the radial extension of the tetrahedrons.

In SCIET Theory, the Awareness conceives of other (duality) and creates a connection to it, and the line exists. The line connects to every difference within the Awareness until it exceeds the capacity of the system to describe it, and then begins a new system based on that value.

After the point of Awareness conceives of connecting to others, the line defines all potential others within the Awareness. This is a process of internal definition, described in SCIET Theory as a subdivision of the One, the First Action.

Understanding how we come to this conclusion requires that we observe the role of matching frequencies within nature. The most common way to explain this is the crystal radio demonstrating the ability to isolate particular frequencies, each is matched to a value progressing upward or downward. Matching is then described as a principle of nature, the Rule of Like interacts with Like. From this rule, we work toward what must have come before matter and find the connecting line and the point of Awareness. Each has its own domain of existence in which all like it interact with one another.

  • After the first two concepts exist, a third concept is created, that of resonance.

To review, the first to exist is awareness, the second is a connection to others, (duality), and the line that represents it. These two define the range of others within the awareness. When the definition is complete, it has reached the value defined by Awareness as itself, its smallest defined value. When the process of definition reaches the value of Awareness it can no longer subdivide since it has reached the floor of its range of definition. The smallest value preexists the beginning of definition and forces the reducing values to react to it, thus beginning Resonance within the system.

Rituals use this process to create resonant forms capable of being self-contained holders of information and intention.

  • Resonance creates spherical forms that retain the information that created them.

Obviously, there is a difference between traditional sacred geometry, which is meant to provoke the mind of the aspirant, and how nature really works. Before the development of technology, there was no way to define the various levels of natural forces except through the experience of consciousness. The dilemma here is that consciousness interacts with itself, sensing only those parts of creation that possess awareness.

Seeking to define and control spiritual growth and development had to use what could be presented and taught before attaining Initiate status. Sacred Geometry is designed to communicate real qualities of nature and gain the student mental access to new levels, not explain them in physical terms. Sacred Geometry is a toolbox for spiritual growth and manipulation, rather than for material description.

The concepts of SCIET Dynamics are not obvious unless you are living in an age of scientific achievement, where practical evidence of gases, radiation, electricity, molecules, plasma, gravity, etc are quantified. How could the ancient Greeks even have asked a question like “what is the structure of energy?”, and asked it, how could they have imagined the gestalt of knowledge that revealed the answer like a reverse stencil?

Sacred Geometry reveals the ancient’s knowledge of the physical relationship to spirit and how to affect it with material objects and expressed intention through ritual.

The ancients had the ability to think which would have led them to these answers. They simply lacked the questions.


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