You are the Center the Universe

Where are you? Are you behind your eyes, between your ears, above your spine, beneath the top of your head?

Where is your observing self?

Does imagining a room with all its contents rearranged seem strange, does noticing something has changed while on a walk make you feel out of place? Juxtaposing what is onto what has been or what could be is normal, but how does our mind accomplish this?

If you have asked these questions and tried to answer them, then you may realize that the problem is rooted in a lack of adequate modeling tools.

Backward engineering is our most powerful technique to understand how things work, but backward engineering nature has seemed too immense a task to be entertained by academics or industry.  But if they should decide to do this, what would guide them? Would they need a goal to beckon them forward, a vision of that final accomplishment? Would they imagine that there would be something never known or seen before, and if that would be their goal, how would they conceive of it? Certainly, its truths would be true in our world as well, but which truths can be included and which excluded? How can it be possible to back-engineer nature?

I have done this. Fortunately, I did not need to start on the basis of what I learned in the school “system”, but from a foundation of “knowing” created by a synthesis of the knowledge and questions accumulated during an intense time of study and wonder, some call this information a  “download”, others an epiphany, but I can tell you that it lasted twenty minutes, or until I became so excited by the information that I could not sit still.

Since then I have created a theory to explain what I learned, naming it SCIET Theory, using an acronym of Single Cycle Integrative Effect Topology. Because I began with the knowledge in my head, and without any form of math to work with, the best I could do was to use my mind as my workshop and develop modeling tools based on thought experiments.

The website supports the idea that you are the center of the Universe. To do this a new form of measurement is needed, one that enables you to track the changes between you and everything else that exists, all the time, throughout your life.  This has been done. The development of the SCIET is the answer to this problem. Still, to understand what it is, you will have to imagine the creation before matter existed and then assign every possible point around you an address to use that can also be host to another SCIET. Within that SCIET every defined point becomes a SCIET, and this continues until the ability of the source substrate to measure is reached, which then gives rise to resonance within the entire system.

It is interesting to know that Resonance waits until the end of the cycle of definition to exist. After all, if resonance is not possible until the completion of the definition, the question becomes, “Why not?”

The SCIET exists at the level of Source, and it is the first tool used by the Creator to define the Space within the Source substrate. The SCIET is a special tool designed to work with the Source Substrate and grow stable forms in space. The Source Substrate is made of a field of values that fluctuate into and out of existence, but in doing so, utilizes the energetic form of the tetrahedron, meaning that from the time it exists until it does not, it expresses itself equally in all directions and this creates equidistant expressions. This may seem counterintuitive until you realize that these expressions take place where no other rules exist, they are in a world of their own making. So the SCIET is a created tool to build in, on and within a space entirely defined by on and off pulses so small and fast that they can only be detected mathematically by working back from what can be seen and known.

The SCIET defines conditions that give rise to “quanta”, which are the result of resonance between two points created by the SCIET Algorithm. Resonance can only occur between matching values and until the originating value is reached during the definition process, all changes are internal, reducing the measures between all points of interference within the originally defined measure.

There is no limit on size, smallness, or largeness. The real Universe and the one that you are at the center of, are identical in their conditions. Each depends on the ability to resonate within a unique set of values defined by a first action, an original causal value, a prime number connected to the larger set, and at the same time unique.

The first action is the basis of limitation within a Universe. It controls the rate of change within the system it creates, and defines the interactions of which it is capable. The physical Universe is composed of units (protons) descended from the First Action, and the body is created by cells that are the result of conception, the first action of biological life. The body is at the center of its own Universe and the center of it is a point of resonance descended from the First Action of the Universe. This unique center is an atom formed at the beginning of resonance within the Universe and contains a record of all the changes that have occurred around it since. At the center of this atom is a connection to where the First Action originated, where no time or space exists.

You are a Universe of your own, resonating within your body and within the larger universe, containing the accumulated values of all the changes since the Universe began.

SCIET Theory adds levels of understanding about what is before quanta, about what leads to quanta. The Universe is made of Quanta, or individual units of change accumulated since the beginning of the Universe. Saying that we are at the center of our own universe provides a platform for thought about how this is true.

All the answers are within you. SCIET Theory can unlock them all.

Dane Arr
September  2022

©copyright Dane M Arr 2022

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