The SCIET is Symmetrical

Symmetry in SCIET Theory

In SCIET Theory the SCIET Algorithm is presented as a standalone action in order to model it simply. It is important to understand that the SCIET of physics only exists as an opposite and equal reaction to another body in space. Both bodies receive an informational feed from the midpoint and convert it into Quantum Layers using that information. In the physical realm, the SCIET functions symmetrically, and complex bodies will possess multiple midpoints with symmetrical feedback as these are combined bodies made of multiple quantum layer fields.

Alternatively, in the realm of consciousness, the SCIET Algorithm is descended from the original First Action of creation and remains able to use the SCIET Algorithm to create within the mind. The difference here is that the living being is an evolved SCIET, with its Point of Awareness actively engaged in projecting its evolved Quantum field into the environment to survive.

Symmetry in physics is widely studied and well understood, with new insights published regularly. In SCIET Theory it is a basic rule related to the balance of energy/information between immaterial Points of Awareness. Notice that it is the immaterial Points of Awareness that are being balanced in SCIET Symmetry. This is not based on electromagnetism, and although it leads to an increase in quantum values, no physical change is noticed.

On the right, we see two SCIETs in alignment on top and below Third SCIET(C) is illustrated at twice the size in order to convey that its quantum layer field represents both (A) and (B).  In practical observation, this would be considered the center of gravity of the two bodies, for gravity is the manifestation of the quantum layers that exist around all objects beginning with its atomic structure.

Additional information integrating Symmetry in Physics will be added here later.


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