The SCIET and Spacetime

In SCIET Theory Spacetime is the byproduct of the formatting of the energetic expression that has been called the Big Bang by Cosmologists. This idea can be understood as a flash of lightning from one point to another, a single unit of energy, that reduces around its point of origin in the Void (see below for an explanation of the Void) until it disappears into its own footprint and then reemerges as a vast mist of equally distributed atomic particles. 

Rather than a Big Bang, it was a big flash that immediately distributed itself around the point of origin, processed by an algorithm that divides it into multiple levels of angularly polarized monopoles, each with its own unique address within the whole. When all of the space has been addressed the final step is when it reaches the minimum unit from which it originated in the whole of space, it begins to resonate with the existing minimum unit valued so defined. This resonance between these minimum units surrounded by monopoles creates the first atoms, the nascent protons, which are the mist that defines Space.

The energy from the single unitary burst that is distributed throughout the mist/universe leaves faint tracks of each descending step, which is the formatting that furnishes the addresses to each and every bit of the space within the universe.

In effect, the concept of space is a layer of measurable resistance on top of the Void, which has no resistance at all. This resistance is responsible for the speed of light, a limit on the rate of change in space, which is reflected in the minimum unit of change, the quanta

In summary, in SCIET Theory space, time and matter emerge from an energized geometric form that subdivides into itself until it disappears into faint formatting before reemerging as a mist of equally spaced nascent protons.

Others are thinking in this way also:

…some researchers have sought to explain how all of space can emerge from scratch. For instance, ChunJun Cao, Spyridon Michalakis and Sean M. Carroll, all at the California Institute of Technology, begin with a minimalist quantum description of a system, formulated with no direct reference to spacetime or even to matter. If it has the right pattern of correlations, the system can be cleaved into component parts that can be identified as different regions of spacetime. In this model, the degree of entanglement defines a notion of spatial distance.

Their concept of entanglement echos the formatting described in SCIET Theory, in which space is created in the void and it subdivides the original energetic expression until it reaches the smallest possible size, reducing many magnitudes before it begins to resonate. The formatting takes place as both an inward and outward expression, with the tetrahedral forms interacting with one another to create interactive angular mono-polarities, at the convergence of five tetrahedrons, in effect the angular mono-polarities are the equivalent of “event horizons” at the quantum level. All the larger sizes from which it descended remain in space as faint tracks of universal levels, but also as the centers of measurement from the smallest to the largest systems, all of them based on the interactive angular polarities. Space is crystalline in nature because of this. 

Spherical forms are created by the resonance between the first nascent atoms. Before these are created space is limited entirely to lines away from or between points. When resonance begins it is between two minimum units, which are actually holes in the fabric of spacetime that reach the void. Because of this, the resonant energy returning to each center cannot actually go into the center and so must span it and express itself as layers of monopoles circling the center.  What this means is that each atom is actually built up from layers continuously streamed inward from each and every point to point resonant relationship.

The Limitless Awareness aka the Void

A stated above, the concept of space is a layer of measurable resistance on top of the Void, or in SCIET Theory, the Limitless Awareness.

The Nature of Limitless Awareness is the highest frequency potential in the universe. It is so fast that it is unlimited and thus needs the limitations of the slower Creation Substance (Spacetime) to project intention into.  It is an order of magnitude faster and smaller than the Creation Substance. Awareness is unlimited, its receptive frequency potential is unlimited, so the role of the Creation Substance is to enable the creation of Limits and consequently, resonance within the creation substance.

The SCIET creates between ten quadrillion vigintillion and one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion (1078 to 1082) atoms of smaller SCIETs when it reaches its smallest increment to form atoms through resonance, and each of these is due to the Point of Awareness at its center reacting to another point of the same value, an event that did not take place before reaching this level of reduction to encounter the base value of the entire system, the original Point of Awareness.

Theoretical Effects

The interplay between the Creation Substance (Spacetime) and the Awareness (Void) is the basis of the Soul, Black Holes, Portal Travel and other mysterious phenomena, as well those described by systems other than SCIET Theory.

The interactive quality of Spacetime, its “stickiness” causes it to form holes in the fabric of Spacetime when it is forced into a circular motion, such as occurs in Black Holes. This circular motion can also cause a separation between the spinning object and the fabric of Spacetime, which can enable the object to be independent of the effects of gravity, as the object creates its own gravity and can choose its own direction of attraction.

Portals capable of transporting matter actually do not, for instance, they allow matter entering into a Black Hole to appear instantaneously at another location, no travel is involved. This quality requires that a layer surrounding the portal be resonant with the other location, so it will only work with one other location.

The Soul is the byproduct of the SCIET in combination with a projection of the Awareness to create purposefulness, forming a desire to do and be. This desire drives the Point of Awareness to accumulate knowledge and experience time. The SCIET allows the Point of Awareness to use its connection to the original Awareness to project itself forward and accumulate knowledge and experiences using its accumulated memories and knowledge.

Evolving objects within the fabric of Spacetime are surrounded by spherical memories due to their resonance with other objects, which can range from atomic structures to Black Holes at the centers of Galaxies. These spherical memories resonate with one another to create gravitational effects and also torsion field effects.

Spherical Layers and Spacetime

Gravitational attraction due to resonance is complemented by repulsion due to dissonance, and the two effects combine to slightly distort one another. This distortion creates midpoint variations in the resonance value that can emulate other body’s resonance and cause objects affected by them to suddenly be in alignment with an unexpected gravitational effect. Spacetime may regard it as an object that is out of place and time and can manifest the object in that place and/or time. This effect has been exploited to create transportation systems using tunable gravitational resonators.

SCIET Theory opens the door to numerous new approaches to solving problems related to combining elements into new forms, or combining forces into new effects.

Utilizing the nature and character of the Awareness in the context of a proper understanding of Spacetime can unlock the ability to easily “jump” from one part of Spacetime to another without expending the time and energy otherwise required.

An enlarged knowledge of gravitational torsion effects can greatly assist our abilities to work with materials and utilize torsion fields to facilitate manufacturing in new ways.

The SCIET itself offers an understanding of how to manufacture intelligent materials that are impervious to external forces and can react in ways that allow them to be self healing and self reproducing. These and other insights make an understanding os SCIET Spacetime an essential component of an advanced human civilization in the future.

Dane Arr
August 21, 2019

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